Classification and Market Status of Kraft Paper Bags

Green environmental protection is the theme of the times and the future development trend of packaging materials in the packaging industry. In the background of this era, the kraft paper bags that can be recycled for many times are popular with the public.

At the time of shopping, we can see all kinds of hand-held kraft paper bags, and in many fields, such as the food industry, it is also useful to the kraft paper bag packaging, in terms of color, the kraft paper bag used in the food industry can be divided into a yellow kraft paper bag and a white kraft paper bag; According to the characteristics of the packaged food, a kraft paper bag with various functions such as aromatic oil, water-proof, printable and the like is also developed.

However, the choice of function is also to be considered when customizing the production of Kraft paper bags. A product may not use all the functional requirements, which requires that you know how to choose the features needed for packaging products at design time, so that you can spend as little money as possible and get more value.

At present, the attitude of the market to the kraft paper bag is also the printing quality, the length of the construction period, the packing quality and the like of the kraft paper bag, which are to be taken care when producing the kraft paper bag. In the aspect of printing, the smoothness of the kraft paper bag is influenced by the fiber shape and the composite number of layers in addition to the selection of the original material such as the raw paper of the raw material. At the same time, the higher the paper amount of the kraft paper bag, the higher the paper tightness, and the higher the printing and reproducing ability of the finished kraft paper bag.

Kraft paper bag packaging, can be said to be a very popular packaging material, compared with other environmental protection packaging materials, the performance-price ratio is very high, Kraft paper bag in the future can not completely replace plastic packaging bag, but with the strengthening of environmental protection concept, the market of Kraft paper bag is still not to be underestimated.

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