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Materiale: PVC

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PVC-posen refererer til den højfrekvente varmepressede PVC-pose, som dannes ved at skære PVC-folien i stykker efter skæring og skæring. Generelt er det nødvendigt at bestille kobberformen, der skal produceres. (PVC er for det meste silketryk).

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    Look forward to a long-lasting and top-quality bag when ordering a CXGIAE PVC plastic bag. With several years of experience, CXGIAE are a trusted PVC plastic bag supplier.

    Fully customizable, these bags are mostly produced using silk screen printing, meaning that customers do not need to purchase copper molds for production. The long-lasting and top-quality bags are made by high-frequency hot pressing.    

    There are various types of plastic bags to meet all packaging, storage and carrying needs. Bags are available in diverse styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Types include:

    • Shopping bags
    • Cosmetic and toiletry bags
    • Pencil and stationery bags
    • Clothes bags

    Customizable Designs

    Convey corporate styles and messages or enjoy a unique appearance to match any preference with customizable designs. From logos and slogans to artwork and images, these PVC bags display high-quality and eye-catching designs. Professional production equipment and technology ensure an attractive result. 

    Trust the experienced R&D team to use high-tech computer design and provide creative ideas and input to help create PVC plastic bags to exact specifications and requirements. Various image formats are used to manufacture PVC bags, including:

    • JPG
    • PDF
    • AI
    • EPS

    Customizable Colors

    Make these plastic bags truly your own by customizing the color palette. From bright and bold to subtle and muted, CXGIAE PVC bag supplier produces bags in any color according to customer requirements. Through reds, greens, golds and any other color of the rainbow, match corporate colors, create a strong brand identity, encourage recognition, appeal to the visual sense and be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

    Whether it’s a transparent bag that makes image colors truly pop or a colored bag with text and image contrast, these wholesale PVC bags are fully customizable. 

    Different Sealing Options

    Close and seal plastic bags in many ways, from sliding and press-to-close zips to poppers and clasps, to ensure everything stays right where it’s supposed to be. Closures are easy to use, meaning no more fumbling around and frustration simply trying to open and close bags. Of course, some bags don’t need closing — tote shopping bags, for example, are best open for easy access. All bags are made with convenience and comfort in mind.

    While PVC itself is waterproof, plastic bags aren’t always watertight. Many people have experienced the dismay of a leaking seal. CXGIAE’s range of specified waterproof bags have seals to do just that — make them waterproof. Rest easy with the knowledge that no drops are getting inside.        

    Light-Weight Materials

    Say hello to light-weight PVC bags and wave goodbye to inconvenient and cumbersome heavy packaging. These bags use light and soft materials, making them easy to carry and transport. With little weight added to contents, like make-up, toiletries and stationery, there’s no concern about adding excessive extra weight to your load.

    Soft and Comfortable Feel

    Enjoy the smooth finish and soft feel of a PVC bag made by CXGIAE. There are no jagged edges to snag clothes, furnishings or fabrics and there’s no concern about scratching or damaging items inside the plastic bag.

    Diverse Uses of PVC bag 

    Available for private orders of PVC bag wholesale, various industries also choose a CXGIAE PVC plastic bag, including:

    • Food stores
    • Grocery stores
    • Shopping malls
    • Pharmacies

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