Non-woven bags Meaning

Non-woven bags Meaning

1. Non-woven bags have higher economy
Since the implementation of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags will slowly withdraw from the market arena and move toward the path of history. Non-woven bags will replace the core position of plastic bags in the market in the near future.
Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags can be printed with various colorful patterns more easily. In addition, non-woven bags can be recycled and reused, and their consumption rate is much lower than that of plastic bags. The exquisite patterns and advertisements printed on the non-woven fabric will not become a cost commodity because it is only used once, and it can The cost of non-woven shopping bags is also reduced.
2. Non-woven bags have better firmness
If traditional plastic bags are used for shopping, in order to save production costs, the material of the plastic bags is as thin as possible and easily damaged. If you want a stronger plastic bag, it will cost higher production costs. Due to the emergence of non-woven bags, this type of problem was subsequently solved. Non-woven bags have strong toughness and are not easy to wear. In addition to having strong properties, there are also some waterproof non-woven bags with film-coated fabrics, which have excellent hand feeling and beautiful appearance.
Although the cost of a single non-woven bag and a plastic bag is compared unilaterally, the cost of a plastic bag is lower, but the service life of a non-woven bag can be equivalent to the service life of hundreds of plastic bags, or even thousands. Plastic bags.
3. Non-woven bags have a higher advertising effect. A non-woven bag cannot be regarded as a packaging bag for commodities alone. Its higher value lies in other aspects. For example, if the packaging bag has an exquisite appearance, it can make consumers love it, and it can also be used as a fashion product, a simple shoulder bag, and a part of the street fashion industry. Considering its strong, waterproof and non-stick properties, consumers will be more willing to choose it. If a company chooses to print a company’s logo or advertisement on the non-woven bag, then it can bring excellent advertising effects.
4. Non-woven bags have higher environmental protection and public welfare value, improve citizens’ environmental awareness, and solve the pollution problems caused by plastic bags. The repeated recycling of non-woven bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, thereby reducing the generation of plastic waste. Coupled with the increasing environmental awareness of human beings, it can better show the company’s environmental protection image and get closer to the people.

Non-woven bags Meaning

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