Plastic bags is a bag made of plastics (commonly used plastics, such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc.) as the main raw material. It is an indispensable article for people's daily life and is often used for other items. The plastic bag has the advantages that the merchant LOGO can be printed and promoted and promoted, the maximum convenience can be obtained by the person using the plastic bag, the universal use of the plastic bag is lower than that of other similar products, and the self-volume light box can be used by a large number of people, In addition, that "degradation" type of the new product can make it more environmental-friendly, so that the plastic bag is widely used in real life.
Clear Plastic Bag 01

Clear plastic bag, that is, a plastic bag of transparent material, is introduced by the industry, and the clear plastic bag on the market can be divided into three materials, namely, PP bag, high-density plastic bag and low-density plastic bag (common back bag).
In a transparent plastic bag, the PP plastic bag (that is, the commonly used polypropylene) is the most common plastic bag, and the plastic bag has the property of high temperature resistance but not low temperature resistance. The high-density clear plastic bag is made of high-density polyethylene, and the plastic bag can not only be high-temperature-resistant, but also low-temperature-resistant.

Zip Lock Plastic Bag 02

Zip lock plastic bag is different from general plastic bag, because of its zipper sealing design and more environmentally friendly material, zip lock plastic bag has the characteristics of environmental protection, good sealing, toughness, convenient packaging, obvious grade, concise and practical characteristics, in addition to non-adhesion, non-stickiness, side solid explosion-proof edge, smooth zipper chain, not easy to explode, so that zip lock plastic bag is widely used in clothing, toys, underwear, department stores, daily necessities, Travel collection and other multifunctional packaging, more and more customers around the world favor.



Our factory specializes in the production of various materials and plastic packaging bags, according to customer requirements, can customize the thickness of materials, dimensions, printing logo patterns, etc., can produce materials in the range of:

OPP bag (self-adhesive bag, chuck hole self-adhesive bag, flat pocket, concave bottom bag, square bottom bag, handbag, medium pressure bag, film bag, compound bag, film bag, etc.), pebag (self-sealing bag, bone bag, concave and convex buckle bag, zipper bag, bone bag, concave bag, grinding bag, flat pocket, self-adhesive bag, handbag, etc.), ppbag (self-adhesive bag, flat bag, concave bag, square bag, etc.)

PVC bag (zipper bag, button bag, hanging hook bag, square bottom bag, makeup bag, etc.), bubble bag (filling bag, bubble film, logistics filling bag,), bopp film bag, heat shrinkage film bag, etc.).

Different materials are suitable for different industries, plastic packaging bags are widely used in clothing, food, toys, ornaments, daily necessities, handicrafts, knitted goods, stationery, bathroom supplies, accessories, hardware tools, electronic products, gifts, autumn and winter cotton coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, underwear and other industries plastic packaging bags, welcome customers to order and purchase.