Gift Shopping Bag 01

Gift handbag is a handbag form designed to improve the value of gifts and carry gifts conveniently. Gift handbags are exquisite in shape, gorgeous in figure, beautiful in appearance and gift in hand.The present invention relates to a gift bag, in particular to a bag for packaging and packaging a gift bag. The material of the gift bag is usually made of paper. Today's society can see people using a gift bag. A nice gift bag can better bake your gift. With the changing life style, the demand of the consumer to the gift bag is also higher and higher.

Kraft Paper Bag 02

Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is currently one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world. Kraft paper bags are widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores and other places. Kraft paper bags are generally available for customers to carry their purchases. Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly packaging bags with a wide range of types.

Paper Shopping Bag 03

Paper shopping bag, is an environmentally friendly shopping bag made from paper processing,it has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, paper shopping bags are elegant, usually used as packaging of clothing and cosmetics, very popular with consumers. According to the variety of paper, paper shopping bags can be divided into the following categories: coated paper shopping bags, whiteboard shopping bags, Kraft paper shopping bags, cardboard shopping bags, matte paper shopping bags, aluminum foil shopping bags Shopping bag, tactile paper shopping bag.



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Our company is a professional packaging bag manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, production and sales. It mainly produces white kraft paper bags, yellow kraft paper bags, non-woven fabric bags, shopping bags, packaging bags and gift bags.
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If you have friends who have custom-made paper bags and handbags, you can contact them by telephone or login to the company's stores for consultation and ordering.