customizing PVC bags

What matters should be paid attention to when customizing PVC bags

PVC bags are used in a wide range of fields, such as shopping bags in supermarkets, clothing bags in shopping malls, exquisite packaging bags for cosmetics, document bags in offices, and so on. The reason why it is so widely used is actually because businesses value the advertising effect of PVC bags, a mobile advertising space. In order to achieve this effect, they generally choose to customize their own brand of PVC bags.

So, what matters should be paid attention to when customizing PVC bags?

Precautions for custom-made PVC bags:

  1. Provide the specific size of the PVC bag. If customers have previously used PVC bags, they can directly provide specifications and dimensions to the manufacturer.
  2. PVC bag materials include PE, PO, OPP, and customers can make customized plastic bag materials by themselves.
  3. Choose the style of PVC bag. Plastic bags on the market now include vest bags, express bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, and so on. Customers can explain to the manufacturers the type of PVC plastic bags they want to customize according to their needs.
  4. Provide vector files of company name or company LOGO. Generally, companies have their own commercial plastic bags, and their company’s LOGO or name will be printed on the plastic bags. This is also a way to promote their own companies.
  5. Next is the production of PVC bags, purchasing materials, film blowing, printing, cutting, packaging, and delivery.
  6. The production time of PVC bags will vary due to different specifications and quantities. Under normal circumstances, it takes 3 days for design and plate making, 4 days for bag making, and 7 days for finished products.

The above is a related introduction about what matters should be paid attention to when customizing PVC bags. In the actual custom-made process of PVC bags, sometimes due to personal needs and different manufacturers, the matters needing attention before customizing PVC bags will also be different.

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