Why Do Non-woven Bags Smell Bad?

Whether do you noticed it or not, the new woven bag often smelled odor. This makes people doubt that it is not environmentally friendly. If you get to know the production process of non-woven bags, they are totally safe in daily use.

1.Water-based ink and oil-based ink

One of the reasons for the odor of non-woven bags is the printing ink. Printing ink is something that the printing industry must use. There are also different kinds of ink, including water-based ink and oil-based ink.

On the basis of these two kinds of ink, there are also several kinds. Generally speaking, water-based ink is relatively environmentally friendly. Therefore, the general non-woven bag manufacturers choose water-based ink when they choose printing ink.

While the oil-based ink is relatively odorous. Because the oil-based ink will be doped with a chemical, formaldehyde! The odor of formaldehyde will be accompanied by the odor of ink emitted into the air, so in the storage of oily ink printing products, there is a normal odor.

Considering the cost savings, oil-based ink is cheaper than water-based ink. Therefore, many non-woven environmental protection bags produced by businesses have odor.

2.New material and recycled materials

Generally, there are two kinds of non-woven materials. One is 100% new material, the composition of this new material is polypropylene, there is no formaldehyde component, so the new material will not smell.

The general material will be doped with some recycled materials. In the production process, in order to make the recycling and new materials fuse well, some fusing agents will be doped. Therefore, the non-woven bag produced by this kind of fabric has a peculiar smell.

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