Why Is Paper Bag Packing So Popular?

Every holiday season, the shopping malls have a wide variety of food bags, in fact, a small food is put into the box and the value of the body has changed.? The transformation into luxury food took the high-end route.

In fact, when it comes to luxury packaging, it is no longer a rare thing. Now gift box packaging involves all fields of food, only consumers can not expect, no business “bag” can not.

Nowadays, the packing box is more and more “empty”, the appearance huge box, has only a few snacks, but the price is not cheap, it is not difficult to find that consumers spend a lot of money on packaging. However, in the proliferation of luxury packaging today, consumers are not satisfied, there is a comment called: “first-class packaging, second-class price, third-class quality”, some people questioned: this is not putting the cart before the horse? When we re-see the simple packaging of Kraft paper in the Shang Chao, consumers have a trace of relief, excessive packaging in the return.

The traditional packaging utensils of the early years, such as bamboo baskets, paper, net pockets, and even straw rope, not only avoid luxury packaging, reduce costs, but also protect the environment. Now, this low-carbon packaging, and reincarnation.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher, and the packaging with recycled materials as raw materials is more and more popular. In a large supermarket in the provincial capital, two pieces of wrapping paper, a string of thin rope, simple nostalgia food packaging, attracted the popularity of consumers.

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