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About Us

  • We are a bag manufacturer with 8 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Our products mainly include various paper bags, non-
    woven bags, canvas bags and plastic bags.
  • Our products can be used in shopping malls, food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores and other industries.
  • At the same time, we also support private ordering.
  • The company has professional designers, professional production equipment and mature production technology to meet customer needs.

Business Cooperation

Custom Service

Our company is a professional packaging bag manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, production and sales. It mainly produces white kraft paper bags, yellow kraft paper bags, non-woven fabric bags, shopping bags, packaging bags and gift bags.

The company provides professional customization services for paper bags. Imported large-scale machinery and equipment, fully automatic production integration molding, production chain integrity, solid technical support to ensure high quality and low price, according to customer needs to provide a variety of customized processes, such as paper bags set customization, customers can choose customized Logo/two-dimensional code, digital, text, graphics, and other industries.

If you have friends who have custom-made paper bags and handbags, you can contact them by telephone or login to the company’s stores for consultation and ordering.

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