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Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags

Wholesale Kraft paper bags have got to be the best paper shopping bags on the market. This is obvious from the high demand for brown paper gift bags, which have versatile uses. You will hardly need to use any plastic bags after having an experience with kraft paper shopping bags.

Paper bags have earned a unique reputation on the market. You can see people using paper bag as shopping bags, gift bag, or bags for packaging valuable items or foods in the retail business. But, to get all the best benefits of kraft custom bags, you need to buy from a reliable source.

Where to Buy Kraft Paper Bags Wholesale

Our company sells the best grade of kraft shopping bags in wholesale quantities. We have earned a glowing reputation in the bag distribution industry, and our business has grown tremendously due to massive patronage. The customers we keep getting are ordering massive amounts of these kraft shopping bags, which are durable, and you can always get the right size for your market and audience.

We want you to get only the best carry bags for food or other items. Send us your customer contact form to find more details about ordering paper kraft bags wholesale.

How to Use Kraft Paper Bags

Using these kraft paper shopping bags is so easy because they have versatile properties. The kraft shopping paper bags are suitable for use as gift bags and paper shopping bags. Based on orders shipped, we can confirm the high demand for kraft paper shopping bags comes from the retail industry and similar business enterprises.

Here are the simple guidelines for using paper shopping bags in different business environments or situations:

Using Kraft Paper Bags to Pack Foods

These kraft paper shopping bags are excellent for packing food. All you have to do is get the right size of paper shopping bags. Ensure your food items can fit into the bag and then carry it using the rope handles. The paper shopping bags will not transfer smells to your food, and they are biodegradable, so they are safe for the environment.

Brown Paper Gift Bags

These paper shopping bags are perfect for use as gift bags. They have enough space to hold different gifts, and the bags are excellently designed, making them the best packages for gifts instead of using plastic versions of these bags.

Hand Bags

These paper shopping bags have two strong rope handles that allow you to carry them easily. Kraft custom paper bags can be used as regular shopping bags for clothes or other fashion apparel. Customers like how easy and convenient it is to use these bags.

Product Category – Kraft Paper Bags

One of the best things about buying and selling kraft paper shopping bags is the number of options available on the market. You can find a suitable bag that meets your market’s demand. The top-selling bag options in this category are as follows:

White Kraft Paper Bag

This is one of the best white paper shopping bags for different purposes, like packing different items and gifts. The white bags are also suitable for use in the retail shopping sector, and the bag’s features can be customized.

There is enough space for adverts and brand messages to be printed on white material. The customized designs stand out because of the white paper. Also, the bag size is 26 x 13 x 32 cm, which is ideal for packing different normal-sized items.

Overall, this is one of the white kraft custom paper bags with a reinforced base and strong handles. The minimum order quantity for this kraft paper bag is 1000 pieces, and it weighs about 43.5 grams.

Multi-Wall Kraft Paper Bags

These are excellent gift bags that can hold bulky products, and they are affordable when you buy this kraft paper bag in bulk. The multi-wall gives this bag a solid form that stays in shape whether you use it twice. Also, the bags have a solid base that will not open up suddenly after putting items in the bag.

These paper shopping bags weigh about 37 g and come in customized sizes. The standard size for a regular order is 20.9 x 13 x 25.1 cm. Also, the bags come in customized colors to match the buyer’s needs. The surface area is big enough to accommodate different branding designs in formats like Jpeg, PDF, EPS, and other customized designs.

Made with high-quality kraft paper, these bags are ideal for use in the retail sector for packing and shopping.

Resealable Kraft Paper Bags

Paper grocery bags are excellent for business owners who would like to have different customized designs printed on them. The bags weigh about 71 g and have strong handles that can withstand the pull when you place weighty items in the bag. The expandable base opens up when you put any time in the bag, which is very convenient.

Also, the minimum order quantity for this product is 1000 pieces, and the bags come in different colors, making them suitable for use as gift bags for businesses. The paper quality is excellent and suitable for customized designs in different printed formats like PDF, EPS, JPG, and many other customized printed formats.

Finally, the ideal use cases for these stock paper bags are for packing goods, shopping, and use in retail stores.

Bag with Rope Handle

These are paper bags made from printed paper, and they come with a sturdy ribbon rope handle. The flat rope handle makes it easy to carry these paper bags because the rope does not cut into the palms.

Also, the minimum purchase for these bags is 1000 pieces, which makes them the best-personalized options for local businesses. The bag weight is about 97 g, making them excellent for different packaging items, and the paper bag measures 28 x 13 x 25 cm. However, you can request customized sizes for these bags when ordering from the store.

To customize these bags, you can have printed designs in formats like JPD, PDF, EPS, AI, and other customized design options for the brand.

OEM Hand Paper Bag

Businesses appreciate using these paper bags because they weigh about 27 g and measure 13.2 x 8.1 x 33.1 cm. The paper shopping bags have a sturdy handle and solid base, which makes them the perfect gift bags for bulky valuable items.

Also, the kraft paper used to make these bags is of the best quality, and the materials are sourced from reputable vendors. This product is also the first choice for retail businesses that need reliable recycled paper bags to meet customers’ needs. Finally, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

Biodegradable Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

The features of these well-designed paper bags meet the required field and account for the best packaging in the retail sector. The bags come at a reasonable price and weigh about 27 g. The measurement is 30 x 20 x 40 cm, which can accommodate a large gift, and logo designs.

The bags are eco-friendly and have a wide pocket that makes them a stock option for versatile uses like packaging, shopping, or use in a retail store.

Order in Bulk

We have made it easy to order these kraft paper bags in bulk. Send us your customer contact form to place orders.

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