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Paper Carrier Bags Wholesale

We are not surprised that paper career bags are such a massive hit on the market. Everyone loves using them, especially as they have such a positive impact on the environment. Paper carrier bags are suitable for shopping, gift packages, and many other uses. Cxgiae is a professional manufacturer of paper carrier bags wholesale.

Advantages of Using Paper Carrier Bags

Before describing our top-rated paper carrier bags, let’s talk about some of their notable benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly Paper Carrier Bags 

Most people choose these paper bags because they are biodegradable. Using these bags without feeling guilty is a huge advantage. The users know they are not contributing to the threats our environment currently faces from non-biodegradable products in site dumps. 

  • Sturdy Paper Carrier Bags

These are the perfect carrier bags for shopping or carrying different things. They come with a reinforced base and a strong twisted handle. The kraft bags are also versatile, providing more value to the user. 

  • Suitable for Packing Foods

You can use this paper bag to pack and carry food. They do not have any strong smell, so there are no worries about tainting the food. Also, paper bag is strong enough for carrying groceries, which is convenient for people who would like to use them for shopping. 

  • Customisable Carrier Paper Bags

You will surely have a good experience selling these bags because of the enormous demand. Companies like them because they can brand kraft bags with a logo printed on them. Also, the bags come in different colors, like green or the traditional brown color of kraft carrier bags. 

Best Carrier Paper Bag Online

We sell a wide range of carrier paper bag, so you will surely get everything you need from our company. Making a choice can be challenging because of the wide variety, so feel free to send us a message via the customer contact form if you need our help. Check out these carrier bags suitable for different industries globally:

White Kraft Paper Bags

The measurement of this white kraft paper bag is 26x13x32 cm, which is the average size. However, you can make custom orders to meet particular customer demands. The paper bags weigh 43.5g and are perfect for packing or shopping. Also, the paper carrier bags have strong handles attached to high-quality glue. This makes them suitable for carrying heavier items. Also, the paper carrier bag is excellent for printing logos or text to advertise brands. 

Overall, the customer reviews for these white paper bags are excellent and best sellers.

White Cardboard Paper Bag

Demand for this white cardboard paper bag is high because they are customizable. They come with straight or the famous twist handles. Also, the white cardboard surface can accommodate printed images or brand logos. In addition to white, you can order them in red or other custom colors.

The carrier bags have a sturdy base, making them perfect for groceries or packaging gifts. The bags meet the industry’s standards and are perfect for personal or commercial use. 

Multi-Wall Kraft Paper Bags for Food

The walls of these kraft paper bags have been reinforced to ensure they are excellent for packing or carrying food. This means the user will not have issues with food stains soaking the paper and ruining the bag. Also, the handles are sturdy, which is one of the requirements for bags used to carry food. 

These bags weigh about 37g, and the kraft paper material is excellent for users who would like to customize it with printed images or brand description texts. 

Paper Bag with Rope Handle

The prices of these paper bags make them excellent for bulk sales and long-term business investment. They are best seller carrier bags with strong rope handles. The bags are customers’ favorite and come in different colors, including black. They also have a sturdy base and weigh about 97g. Also, the measurements are 28x13x25 cm, making them suitable for use as gift packaging or shopping. 

OEM Hand Paper Bags

These are smaller hand paper bags weighing about 27g and measuring 13.2×8.1×33.1 cm. The bags have a strong handle, with a longer loop to allow the user to pass their hands through. Also, the kraft paper is suitable for customizing the bag with images or brand text descriptions. However, you can order these hand paper bags in customized sizes to meet particular market demands. 

Moisture Proof Paper Bag

These bags come in different colors like red, black, and green, and the average measurement is 30x13x30 cm. They are suitable for shopping or use as gift packs. 

The moisture-proof feature makes them a popular choice among customers. Also, they have a shoe buckle handle, which is strong and reliable.

Order Paper Carrier Bags Online

You can order these paper bags from us, and we ship to all locations worldwide. Please visit our website, choose the products you want and send us your customer contact form to place wholesale orders.

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