Laundry Bag

CXGIAE is a profession factory. Wholesale laundry bags. The laundry mesh bag is a bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. It is made of breathable and microporous material. Put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation into it, zip it up, and put it in the washing machine. can. Bags made of mesh nylon are used to dry sweaters and wash underwear to separate clothes, which may be stained and damaged. The laundry bag can avoid the pollution caused by the contact between the underwear and the outer clothes; avoid the knotting and entanglement of the clothes in the washing machine, making it easier to carry; minimizing the wear of the bag underwear, making the high-end clothes lasting smooth and not deformed; breathable Polypropylene mesh cloth is refreshing and sanitary, and laundry is more comfortable.

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