Laundry Bag

Custom Printed Laundry Bags Wholesale

A laundry bag is a basic necessity in our homes. It’s essential to keep your clothes organized.

Ultra-large Capacity

The size of the wholesale laundry bag is big enough to hold 3-4 loads of laundry. This makes it ideal for a family or a single user. It is large enough to hold oversized items, including bed sheets, bath towels, and shoes.

Keeps the Odor Away

It comes with a hamper liner that keeps the laundry bag clean and sweet-smelling. The hamper prevents the dirty laundry from getting direct contact with the material of the hamper.

Zipper design

The top of the wholesale laundry bag is designed with a zipper. The position of the zip makes for easy loading and removal of dirty clothes from your laundry bag. You can hold your clothing items securely with a zip. Simply zip after closing it and keep things safe from spilling while carrying the laundry. Similarly, you can quickly put the dirty clothes in and unzip your laundry bag to remove the dirty clothes.

Multiple Purpose

Users can conveniently store bedding, off-season clothes, towels, and blankets in the wholesale laundry bag. The wholesale laundry bag can also be used to carry your child’s athletic equipment or other items into your car. It is also ideal for a night out camping or other outdoor trips. It is made from durable materials of pure nylon and polyester.

Eco friendly

The wholesale laundry bag is made of eco-friendly polyester materials. It is durable, resistant to tears, safe, and non-toxic. More so, the high quality materials make it reusable.

Lightweight and Freestanding

The laundry bag can stand on its own well. The material is lightweight and can easily be moved around your home or in other areas of usage. It can blend nicely into any part of your home. Whether in the bedroom, bathroom or for students’ dorms.

Machine washable

Due to the long-lasting mesh material, the laundry bag is machine washable. It comes with durable double stitching that makes it tear-resistant. Users can simply allow it dry after machine wash. Do not iron it. For best results when you machine wash, fill your laundry bag with a few clothes before washing.

Customizable and DIY Painting

Your wholesale laundry bag can be customized. Small and large businesses can leverage wholesale laundry bags as part of their promotional products. Your company logo or brand message can be printed on it.
It makes a great gift as a souvenir, and you can write a text without causing any damage to the material. You can also show your creativity and personalize your laundry bag. You can apply some heat transfer painting to it.


You can buy these wholesale laundry bags wholesale and in your preferred color. It is long-lasting. However, avoid the use of sharp objects or overfilling them with dirty clothes. Delivery is fast and you can place your order in your preferred color choice.

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