White Paper Bags

White Paper Bags

The white paper bags look so elegant. Many people like these bags for small business services because they can find different sizes of white paper bags to hold their products.

These kraft bags are also durable and affordable. However, you can enjoy most of these benefits when you buy them from the right source. We have created the perfect product category for these white paper bags.

You can order online in bulk, and we will deliver to your location, providing the advantage of buying from a reputable brand.

Who Can Use These Kraft Bags?

These are kraft paper bags with handles, so using them for personal purposes is a great idea. Since they are perfect as bags for small business purposes, you will find these kraft bags in different industries worldwide. Also, because the white paper bags look so elegant, you can use them for your personal needs. 

Product Features

These white paper bags have many excellent features, which is why you often see them described as party bags, white gift bags, green kraft paper shopping bags, or white lunch bags. So far, these white paper bags are bestsellers on the market. Here are the top features:

Durable Handles

You can use these bags for many months to do different things because they have durable handles. We reinforce the handles of these white paper bags to make them last longer, providing more value for you.

We recommend these white gift bags because the strength of their handles has been tested many times. They are excellent for carrying bulky or lightweight gift items. 

Lightweight White Paper Bags

These bags are excellent for bulk purchases because they are lightweight. This is why many people would rather order them in bulk, to save money from shipping fees. Paying a low fee for shipping means these bags are an excellent investment.

You can sell them and make a reasonable profit. The production team also tests these white kraft paper bags with handles to ensure they are durable, even though the bags are lightweight.

Multi-Purpose White Paper Bags with Handles

The design of these white paper bags with handles and the versions without handles allow you to use them differently. You can get more value from white paper bags bulk purchases after your investment because the consumers can make several purchases intending to use the bags for different things.

Different Customized Color Designs Available

These are the best goody bags, party-ready and grocery shopping bags with 4.7-star ratings, on average. On top of that, they come in different colors. The white durable kraft paper bags can be customized in colors such as black, white, blue, and much more.

Using several colors to create customized designs for these bags makes them even more attractive to the final consumers, thus increasing revenue significantly. In our opinion, the best choice for craft to make these bags is adding some beautiful designs of animal crafts, which looks great when you need to target a market that needs kraft paper bags for shopping or retail.

Reinforced Base

These white kraft paper bags are perfect for craft grocery shopping retail and carrying many other types of DIY craft projects. The firm bases can hold different craft supplies and loading of products.

Also, the customer ratings show these products have an excellent performance because many fellow customers like them. The white paper bags are a top recommendation for digital items in bulky packages because the base can support the product’s weight.

Customizable Sizes

In addition to their capacity to handle digital items like the Amazon Echo, these products come in customizable sizes. You can buy the product size you need in bulk. Since there are different size options on the market, you can find what you need for use as gift wrap, retail, grocery, or take-out packs.

Regardless of the product’s size, you will find out that they are easy to fold over. This means you will hardly find those annoying creases on the white paper bags.

Pros and Cons

Like all products, these white paper bags have some pros and cons. Thankfully, we are happy to note that the pros are much more than the cons. 

Pros of Using White Paper Bags

One of the top advantages of using these bags is their excellent quality overall. Therefore, you have an assurance of getting your money’s worth. In addition to that, the white paper bags are also eco-friendly, which has been a factor that boosts sales significantly. 

Moreover, ordering the white paper bag in bulk is an excellent idea because the production time for bulk orders is short. We maintain a short lead time to ensure our clients get their products quickly, sell-out and order again. 

Also, according to multiple user reviews and average customer ratings, you can reuse these products, making them excellent for use as kraft paper bags for shopping, retail, and many other purposes. You can also find these bags with gussets, which some customers like. 

Regarding the cons, we have not seen prevalent negative reviews for these products. Instead, the few complaints are usually about the absence of brown paper bags with handles. 

How to Use These White Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

These are excellent white gift bags with handles. That means using them is easy. All you have to do is remove one of the bags from the pack and ensure it is the proper size you want to use for packing that gift or other products. Then, open up the bag, carefully place your item, and seal the kraft paper bags with handles. 

In addition to that, care instructions for white gift bags with handles are generally basic. All you have to do is ensure you are using the right size. Next, ensure you do not place these products near a heat source to avoid damaging the bags. 

How to Order in Bulk

We have made it easy to order these bags in bulk. All you have to do is send us a completed customer contact form to order, and we will reply to assist you in completing the transaction. 


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