Non-woven Bag

The non-woven bag was created utilizing non-woven fibers in size 51.5*20*39cm and is available for customization as well. Its weight passing on limit is up to 4 kg that makes it suitable to pass on lightweight items. It is an upward fit and has a 4-inch long U-cut handle simplifying it to lift. This solid non-woven pack and handle come in grey and other 10 particular tones and hereafter gives a variety of choices to the purchasers as per their inclinations and besides can be customized. It moreover has a side gusset that adds to its passing-on limit.

This pack is reusable and air-permeable while it is exceptionally strong. Its usage can be recorded from departmental stores, grocery stores, malls, and clinical stores. For designing custom bags, we accept artwork in these formats JPG, PDF, AI, EPS design, etc. We manufacture premium quality Non-Woven Bags.

We have an in-house 4-concealing printing office and packs can be arranged by customer requirements. Exceptional for – Store sports shoes, Storing additional items, toys, little devices, composting material, towels, pieces of clothing and staple products, etc; for outside works out, sports, events, schools, supermarket, travel and private accumulating, coastline stuff, travel units in this manner generously more.

These non-woven bags are environmentally friendly. The Non-Woven Bottom Gusset Bags are created utilizing high assessed PP turned strengthened non-woven surface which doesn’t achieve any regular issue. Non-Woven Bottom Bags are not hard to use, pass on and forgo which causes their outrageous usage.

We are a wholesaler delivering high-quality Non-Woven tote bags across china. It is 100% recyclable, light-weighted, moisture-proof, and innocuous to the environment. It is involved top quality sensitive completed polypropylene surface. We also deal in Printed Non-Woven Shopping Bags which give you a mobile promotion to your brand. We make our Printed Shopping Bags by using the most un-troublesome quality polypropylene, advanced device & vivid printed colors. Our Non-Woven Bags are available in an arrangement of different shades, sizes, and prints. Our Printed Bags are extremely rich in color and non-toxic.

Lightweight Tote Bags are perfect for gift packs, wedding gift bags and that is only the start; being non-woven there’s no inclination of fear toward detachment of the handle.

It is moisture-proof to store things in it and more solid in view of supersede plastic bags. It comes in vertical style and different cut handle to make it viably adaptable and prepared to pass on a couple of things.

For over 8 years, CXGIAE is serving as a wholesaler for customized paper bags across many countries. The minimum order quantity we accept is 1000 pieces. We use PP(polypropylene) as crude material which is created by the nonstop one venture technique for high-temperature melting, spinning, laying, hot pressing, and coiling. Its usages can be found at departmental stores, corner shops, general stores, retail outlets and various spots for distributing, edibles, medications, syrups, and other essential food thing product of standard necessities.

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