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Welcome to our catalogue of high-quality non-woven bags. In numerous ways, non woven tote bags are more advantageous than woven tote bags, especially in durability.

Our gallery of products is enriched with non-woven bags of different shapes, types, sizes and colours to meet specific customer styles or brand preferences.


Our average non-woven shopping bags were created with an upper-limit weight-carrying capacity of 4kg. Hence it is perfect for lightweight items. It is made of a semi-rigid material that doesn’t crack when folded.

They are made from polypropylene plastic fibers, popularly abbreviated as PP. These particular materials, when used on items are designated PP5 to distinguish them from other forms of plastics like polyester and polythene.

They are highly biodegradable, recyclable and reusable, and the non-woven bags take on these qualities as well.

What they are for

These non-woven packaging bags are versatile and are readily used to package purchases in grocery stores, clinical stores, malls and departmental stores

From storing sports shoes to shopping for clothes, these non-woven bags function in several capacities. Their usage range from obvious use such as storing staple products to garden hacks such as storing composting materials.

From toys and little devices to clothing materials; from groceries to garbage. Whether these packaging bags are for work, events, schools, supermarkets, travel and travel units, the non woven bag satiates several package and storage concerns.


Our non woven tote bag is moisture-proof, made from fabric that is tough and semi-rigid. The process of production leads to a final product that is breathable and allows for the free circulation of air.

This means that it doesn’t retain moisture and so, food items put in them will not get soggy or spoil.

Why Our Non woven Bag Stand Out

These non-woven tote bags have good heat and chemical resistance. This enhances its durability and ensures that it can contain a variety of items without fear of ruining the bag.

So when next you intend to take fresh homemade meals to a loved one in the hospital, grab your non woven bag without fear.

These bags are designed with strong handles that can not buckle under huge weights. Since they are non-woven, they withstand heavier loads and are unlikely to snip under heavy weights as woven bags do.

Now you can pack up for lunch or travel assured of the safety of your food or travel items.

We make use of quality equipment that leaves your bags with glowing rich colours. These non-woven bags are non-toxic and non-suffocating– a feat alien to plastic bags.

Low Maintenance

Don’t let fear of stains be a factor against a non-woven shopping bag. Our tote bags have high fatigue resistance, which makes them hard-wearing. After use, you can toss them into a gentle machine wash or hand wash with soap and water. Always line dry.

Environmentally friendly non woven tote bags

Non-woven bags are made entirely from melted polypropene fabric fibre. This material is easily recyclable and is used to produce items like brush fibres and ice scrapers.

Again, because these eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene bags are reusable, they reduce the need to produce more. This helps facilitate the conservation of natural resources and energy including oil, energy, and landfill gas pollution that could be harmful to the environment.

We Brand and Customise

We customise and brand the plain high-quality non-woven tote bags to reflect your brand.

On request, we can make provisions for durable non-woven bags printed with your business name, colour and preferred size. All you need do is submit a file of your logo or whatever imprint you want to create.

We customise and brand your non-woven bag to reflect your brand. We can also customise for weddings, anniversaries, conferences, luncheons, birthdays, and baby showers. You can give these custom non-woven bags as gift bags or souvenirs to guests.

We accept customization details in the following file formats: JPG, PDF, AI, and EPS designs.

Our Bag Styles and Designs

Our non-woven bags are available in the d-cut, u-cut, box type, w-cut and loop handle non-woven bag styles. We also have incredibly high-quality drawstring bags. Our priority is to meet the style demands of our customers.

Our loop handle non-woven bags have bottom gussets to entertain more load. The drawstring bags help close your items in a secure lock and prevent them from falling off.

The bags are available in different plain colours. Some bags are designed with glamorous designs such as this non-woven box bag with side gussets and this lovely non-woven shopping bag.

They are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Some have wider widths and can contain even more items.

We Deliver

As a wholesale non woven bag manufacturer, we deliver and distribute our high-quality non-woven bags across China.

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