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Kraft bags are much better than other paper bag options due to the toughness and durability of these bags. The recycled kraft bags are even better because making them helps protect the environment from threats and non-biodegradable materials. Also, it is easy to work with kraft paper, making it suitable for different bags and packaging containers.

Kraft bags are in high demand throughout the year and are suitable for use in different industries. We get recycled paper from ethical sources, and kraft paper has the best texture for packaging items.

We sell the best-recycled kraft bags that have drawn our target market’s positive attention. Selling these recycled kraft bags in bulk is our way to contribute to the environment instead of selling products that may cause more harm.

The name kraft paper is from the meaning of the word kraft, which is strength. These paper items are durable and have been patented multiple times, making it easy to find brown paper bags on the market. They are excellent for paper lunch packs, and we verify the source of recyclable materials to give our customers the safest product.

Eco-friendly Kraft Bags

The best thing about using these bags made from recycled content is that the ones that do not make it into the recycling center will undergo biodegradation. The fiber quality is excellent, and there is less stress of worrying about negative environmental impact. The market prices are affordable, and the kraft process is sustainable, meaning you can always expect to find these products on the market.

Easy to Use Bags

These bags are excellent for packing different types of products and can help you avoid food waste. The post-consumer recycled content is durable, and the handles on these bags are sturdy, making them the best option for carrying items of different weights.

Some of these recycled kraft bags come with twisted paper handles. At the same time, you can find other kraft paper bags with ribbon handles, which are also as strong as other handle options.

One significant benefit is that you can customize the kraft bags. The opening of these bags depends on their size. You can buy smaller versions of these bags or larger sizes to hold all your stuff.

Customizing Kraft Bags

Using recycled paper to make these bags does not stop you from customizing them. The bags are available as post-consumer recycled content, which has a special category in the product market. Also, the custom print department confirms that printing your preferred media or advertisement content on these bags is easy.

You can select products with solid color tissue and a different shade of twist paper handles to achieve a unique design for your bag. In addition, these bags have enough surface area to print the brand message you want to communicate to your audience.

The packaging category for these products is unique because we use recycled materials. Thankfully, many customers realize the need for assortment packs made as recycled paper bags. And there is a steady demand for them. The following are different versions of the recycled kraft paper shopping bags you will find on the market:

Corporate Gift Packs

The recycled bags are excellent corporate gift packs because they look neat and impressive. They are brown paper bags with beautiful patterns or plain bags. Also, you can find white bags or other versions made with mixed paper.

These bags come in different sizes to fit the various corporate gifts anyone would like to buy for their customers. Also, the bags are durable and come with different handles, making them perfect for different corporate industries.

Unbleached Kraft Paper Bags

You can find the unbleached kraft paper bags for special requests on the market. These are perfect for people who do not want products made with bleached paper. The company making these bags indicates on their product description whether the bag material is bleached or not. This helps people looking for packages made with 100% post-consumer paper find what they need quickly.

Paper Bags for Clothes

There are unique kraft bags made for people who go shopping for clothes. These paper products are made with 60-65# weight paper, making them the best options for carrying bulky clothes without ruining the bag handle.

The base of these recycled kraft bags is solid and reinforced to prevent the clothes from creating a hole beneath the bag. Also, the edges have been fortified with blended paper, which complements the brown paper exterior.

You will find the bulk – large paper bags on sale for special requests. They are available in different categories, allowing you to order the quantity you need.

Brown Paper Grocery Bags

You will like the brown kraft paper bag assortment as an excellent substitute for brand-new paper items. The bags come in different sizes and have enough space for customized brand messages. It gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

The grade of the paper is excellent, and customer reviews for these products indicate they are bestsellers on the market. Also, many of these bags feature colorful tissue paper, making them attractive, and using a combination of paper helps improve the bag’s durability. The comfortable paper twist handles are sturdy and qualify as compostable food-grade paper bags – unbleached compostable.

Blank Kraft Bags

These bags are excellent for use as party bags for a wedding party or retail product storage. They also have an impressive weight capacity making them a good choice for storing office supplies. The eco-friendly recycled bags do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Also, they have a reinforced base and strong handles, making them a favorite in different industries. The beneficial qualities of these products do not hinder the makers from offering them at a discount price.

Bulk Orders Available

For bulk orders, you should send us a completed customer contact form. The lead time for processing and delivering these bags made with biodegradable materials is from two to three weeks.



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