hot food in plastic bag

Can PVC packaging bags hold hot things?

Over time, people’s economic conditions have undergone drastic changes.

The improvement of economic conditions has caused more friends to pay attention to their quality of life.

PVC bags can meet people’s needs in various occasions, but there are still some problems in use.

Of course, there is no problem with saving documents, moisture-proof and waterproof, and no harm to documents.

But is there any problem with using it to put some warm food?

Will PVC packaging bags produce substances that are harmful to the human body due to temperature like other plastic products?

Can PVC packaging bags hold hot things?


The main material of PVC bags is PVC, and PVC is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by vinyl chloride under the action of an initiator.

It is a homopolymer of vinyl chloride.

Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin.

Most PVC bags are non-toxic and harmless.

For manufacturers, they have all conducted factory inspections before leaving the factory, so the quality is guaranteed from time to time.


However, it is not recommended to use this kind of PVC packaging bag to hold hot water, because the high temperature of the hot water will cause certain chemical changes in the product.

Although it does not produce deadly toxins, it is also not good for health.

The academic answer is this: PVC melting point is not fixed, 80-85℃ starts to soften, 130℃ starts to become viscoelastic state, 160-180℃ enters viscous fluid state;

PVC has good mechanical properties, tensile strength is about 60MPa, Impact strength 5-10kj/m2;

PVC has excellent dielectric properties.

However, its stability to light and heat is poor.

When the temperature exceeds 100°C or is exposed to the sun for a long time, hydrogen chloride will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen chloride will be further catalyzed and decomposed, causing discoloration and rapid decline in physical and mechanical properties.

In practical applications, stabilizers must be added to improve thermal and light stability.

The above is the introduction about whether the PVC packaging bag can be filled with temperature things.

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