Energy-saving measures in the production of PVC

In recent years, the demand for PVC as an industrial raw material has been increasing, which has led to the continuous increase in PVC consumption, which has also led to a large amount of energy consumption.

As a traditional PVC production method, the calcium carbide method has the characteristics of low production investment and abundant raw materials, while another PVC production method, the ethylene method, will have a huge impact on it because of the fluctuation of crude oil prices. Crude oil prices continue The increase has led to a continuous increase in production costs and a continuous decline in corporate profits, which has seriously affected the sustainable development of the company.

Therefore, enterprises urgently need a brand-new production process to solve the current difficulties, take corresponding measures to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, and can effectively reduce production costs, expand enterprise benefits, reduce energy consumption, and protect the environment.


Energy-saving measures in the production of PVC

(1) Recycling of dry steam condensate.

In the drying process of the PVC production process, a large amount of water vapor will be consumed. The drying process causes a large amount of water vapor to condense into water, and the treatment of this water is directly discharged. This treatment method not only causes a waste of water resources And it can’t save resources. Through long-term practical exploration, it is found that the liquid water formed by the condensation of water vapor emitted by the radiator during the drying process of the PVC production process has good water quality, and can meet the government’s water quality requirements and strengthen the recycling of condensed water It can effectively avoid the direct waste of condensed water, and at the same time use the cooling water in the reactor. Since the cooling water itself has a certain temperature, this effectively reduces the energy consumption caused by the water temperature rising again, which greatly saves energy.

(2) Save steam.

In the PVC production process, through the stripping operation of the PVC slurry, the polyvinyl chloride remaining in the raw material can be effectively separated in the form of gas and recycled and reused. In order to reduce the waste of gas and reduce the production cost, the high-pressure steam is transformed into the synthesis furnace by-product low-pressure steam. The calculation results of actual production process data show that if the cost price of high-pressure steam is 200 yuan/ton, it can save more than 30,000 tons of steam each year. Steam alone can save about 4 million yuan per year. Measures to save steam can not only reduce energy consumption in the production process, but also greatly reduce production costs.



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