How to Identify Good Non-woven Fabrics?

New non-woven bags made of new fabric have a longer use life. Since non-woven fabric is a kind of easily decomposed fabric, when the storage time is too long, it will seriously affect its service life. New materials generally have better performance and toughness. But manufacturers use general non-woven fabrics making shopping bags for cost-saving. Non-woven shopping bags look the same, but their qualities may be different. There are some tips to distinguish the non-woven fabrics.

1.New material VS General material

In the process of raw material processing, non-woven fabrics without adding any recycled materials are called brand-new materials.

In the process of raw material processing, it is necessary to increase the proportion of recycled materials. The recycled materials are usually discarded non-woven fabrics. Most of them are cut corners and edges when making bags recycled by non-woven bag manufacturers. Therefore, general materials are generally cheaper than brand-new materials.

2.Soft hand feel VS Hard hand feel

To distinguish whether the non-woven fabric is new or not, we can identify the type of fabrics from the hand feel. Because the general fabric is relatively hard, while the new material is soft, close to the real knitted fabric, and the fabric has better resistance, stronger pulling force and is not easy to tear.

People often misunderstand that the new material feels thinner than the general material in the same weights, in fact, it is only an illusion.

The texture of ordinary materials will feel harder, a little like the texture of paper. The same weight of cloth, the general material is to show thick, because non-woven cloth is also made of plastic particles processed, if the fabric is too hard, it will lose the inherent flexibility and tensile strength of non-woven cloth. And this kind of technique is also the usual method used by many sly businessmen to cut corners.

3.Tension testing

The general manufacturers have tension testing equipment, as long as you know the usual tension data of non-woven fabrics, you can measure what kind of fabric the merchants are using.

In a word, when we customize non-woven bags, we should first conduct a fundamental test on the fabric used by non-woven bags manufacturers. Or, you can recognize good non woven fabric from the visual and hand feel.


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