The Origin of PVC Fashion

The Origin of PVC Fashion

Back in the mid-1960s, the entire society was obsessed with space travel and exploring the future development possibilities of astronauts. Therefore, this period was also the “Space age look” of the fashion industry. Designers use their designs to express curiosity about the universe and admiration for modern technology.

During this period, more novel and unique synthetic materials began to enter the fashion trend-PVC is one of them. Unlike raincoats and rain boots, which have been used since their invention, the use of PVC in ready-to-wear catwalks uses its unique texture and luster to highlight the metallic sense of space and show the sense of the future. Therefore, PVC has become one of the most representative clothing materials in this period.

With the end of the space race, the “space age” carnival characterized by PVC has gradually calmed down, and has been gradually replaced by hippie and rock culture.



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