The United Arab Emirates Has Begun to Replace Plastic Bags With Paper Bags

Most of the plastic bags that people shop on a daily basis are made of oil. Although they do not look remarkable, the environmental pollution is amazing and directly endangers many creatures. Now the world is boycotting the use of plastic bags, which take 100 to 500 years to dissolve, and it makes no sense to produce plastic bags that can only be used for a few minutes and that take a hundred years to dissolve.

One surprising phenomenon in the global anti-plastic bag campaign is that the first countries to ban the use of plastic bags are two humble Asian countries: Bhutan and Bangladesh. Bhutan has banned the use of plastic bags since 1999, while Bangladesh has added it to the law, with 10 years in prison and six months in prison and a fine in case of violators. After the ban, plastic bags in Bhutan and Bangladesh were reduced by 50% to 90%, allowing the domestic environment to be well maintained.

The United Arab Emirates has also launched a campaign to restrict the use of plastic bags since this year. Zoom convenience stores set up next to 10 Enoc gas stations in the United Arab Emirates have stopped distributing plastic bags and replaced them with paper bags. Zoom will also launch canvas bags to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Dubai’s Choithrams is also controlling the use of plastic bags. For example, after two weeks of trials, (Waitrose Etihad Towers,Waitrose Sun and Sky Reem Island,Waitrose Al Zeina,Waitrose Saadiyat Beach Community and Waitrose Eastern Mangroves), five branches in Abu Dhabi, reduced the use of disposable plastic bags by 74 per cent and found that in the first two weeks More than 5728 people reused plastic bags. The use of plastic bags has dropped sharply.

Carrefour boss Majid Al Futtaim says they offer environmentally friendly bags instead of plastic bags. At 28 Carrefour across the United Arab Emirates, shoppers can use two-in-one offers on reusable environmental bags. Priced at 2.75 dirhams, these bags are guaranteed for life and will be replaced free of charge at the customer’s request. To help customers develop the habit of carrying environmentally friendly bags every time they shop, Carrefour will launch a special “green checkout” counter. Carrefour in Me’aisem city center and Mirdif city center There are pilot projects, and, Deira city center and MOE will launch the event by the end of 2018.

Retailers in the United Arab Emirates are trying to stop the environmental damage caused by plastic bags and garbage. It is planned that all stores will stop using plastic bags in the near future.


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