Why Is Non Woven Fabric Bag so Popular?

When you shopping in the mall or supermarket, it will be easy to find stores use non woven garment bag, non-woven shoe bag to pack clothes and shoes. You can also see people walking in and out grocery stores near home carry non-woven fabric bags. Non woven fabric bags have gradually replaced plastic bags, and they are very popular now. Then we find some reasons why they are popular with different groups of people.

1.Green and safe

Unlike plastic bags, non-woven bags are green products. General plastic bags will release toxic substances in special environment, especially in high temperature environment, which will cause damage to human body.

Non-woven bags are made by environmental friendly raw materials, which are green and safe. They are easy to decompose after recycling, help to mitigate environmental pollution and save materials. Meanwhile, the recycled bags keep good wear resistance and waterproof performance.

2.Beautiful color printing

Non woven bags printed with exquisite pictures are easy to attract customers’ attention, bringing customers enjoyment and fun, and transferring their interests to the product.

The non woven fabric through continuous technology improvement, is more suitable for diverse printing. From a single color to delicate pictures, they can completely meet the high printing demands. Now the film-covered non-woven bag is clear, colorful and vivid, that is better to show the various characteristics of product.

3.Good promotion effect

We know that a good packaging can add value to the product. When choosing an item, the first sight is packaging. As long as the new packaging is welcomed by people, such products can be further accepted. Believed it or not, good packaging does show good item quality.

The design and printing of non woven bags are the extension of corporate image and commodity advertising strategy, with shopping bags as the carrier for promotion and dissemination, the practicability of shopping bags will make advertising more acceptable to people. What is printed on a non-woven bag? It has to be the company slogan. Slogans indicate the trademark and the characteristics of the company. At the same time, contact information is written on bags in order for getting more business opportunities.

4.Cater to fashion and trends

The color printing helps deepen customers’ aesthetic taste, green materials reinforce people’s environmental protection concepts. What people are pursuing now is not only the non woven fabric bag, but many additional conditions and values which determine people whether accept the product or not. A small stylish and exquisite non woven bag also shows people’ positive attitude towards life, and their love for home and earth.


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