2 Process Limitations of Kraft Paper Tag Customization

2 Process Limitations of Kraft Paper Tag Customization

Nowadays, the more and more popular label making material is customized kraft paper label. On the one hand, due to the trend of environmental protection, everyone’s environmental awareness has increased. On the other hand, the original color of kraft paper is no longer the inherent impression that we used to think it is not high-end, but has become a symbol of relatively high-end environmental awareness.

What kind of craftsmanship is not suitable for kraft paper.

First of all, let’s talk about the process that is not suitable, and the process that is essentially in conflict with the kraft paper tag customization process. The first is laminating. The laminating process is to add a layer of plastic film on the surface of the kraft paper. In fact, I am familiar with these packaging. Craftsmen know that the surface of kraft paper is uneven and has abrupt fibers. When the film is covered, it is easy to have bubbles that are not tightly attached. The bubbles will cause future mold or other problems, so the film is very rare. The opportunity appears on the kraft paper.

Then there is the printing process. The printing process may not be clear to everyone. Industrial tag printing is not as simple as our ordinary printers. Because of the huge volume, industrial printing machines are generally customized for the convenience of mass production of kraft paper tags. Efficiency, they will be more friendly to flat paper or printing surface, which means that if printing on uneven kraft paper surface, because of the change of speed, the ink thickness will directly affect the drying effect. If the drying is not timely, the printing The effect will be very prone to problems, so generally in the craft of kraft paper tagging, printing is also a very rare craft.

Since these two very common crafts are not very popular with kraft paper, what kind of craft should be used to make the kraft paper tag more outstanding. Compared with some high-end tags, kraft paper has more restrictions on the craftsmanship, but it is not It’s not that there is no chance at all, and I will continue to introduce it to you later.


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