Why Does The Necklace Box Factory Do It So Slowly Sometimes

Why Does The Necklace Box Factory Do It So Slowly Sometimes

I don’t know if any friends have found out that when you are actually looking for a necklace box factory to make some orders with inner support such as necklace clutch customization, the construction period is often a bit long, which is not the same as what many packaging factories advertise. Why is it that making other boxes can usually be completed in twenty days, but it takes more than a month for custom jewelry boxes. This is why.

In fact, this is not particularly directly related to the necklace box factory, but is related to the level of customization of the entire packaging box. Many friends may think that a necklace box is just the order from making the box to the inner support. Generally, the box is ready to cover. You can complete the delivery of the order after receiving the inner support.
In fact, this is not the case, because the scale of making boxes is very mature. Relatively speaking, the custom production of necklace gift boxes is basically rigid, and the efficiency is naturally relatively high. So why do we say that we make a batch of soft boxes for bulk goods? More than 20,000 boxes can be made in one day, and if the materials are sufficient, there is no less than 20,000. So there is another reason, that is, the necklace box factory made the boxes, but the inner support This kind of embarrassing situation is still not a minority. In many cases, especially the inner support has been modified many times, such as heightening, or cutting off part of it, rework will extend the construction period, and there are some The inner support also needs to add some flocking and other decorative techniques, which is another set of crafts, so basically the production time of the inner support itself is slower than the box production, which also answers why some necklace box factories by the way Always wait for the inner support to come out before starting to calculate the size of the box and so on, because this is to wait for the most accurate value, in the case of sufficient time, this is a means to ensure quality, and it is also a lot of necklaces. One of the recommended practices of hardcover box manufacturers.


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