Choosing the Right Paper Bag Size for your Business

Choosing the Right Paper Bag Size for your Business

The goal of every business is to exceed customers’ expectations. And while there are several different ways to do this, ensuring your customer’s products are well packaged and safely delivered is one of them. Whether you run a grocery, restaurant, or any take-out business, you need paper bags to keep purchased items.

Today, paper bag is gradually replacing plastic bags due to the outstanding benefits. Many paper bag sizes are available in the market, which is confusing for many business owners. However, it is important to pick a paper bag size that is most suitable for your business. Here are the top benefits of paper bags.

1. Highly Resistant and Budget Friendly

Paper bags are an affordable means to carry goods and are resistant to pressure. They are tough and can be used for an extended period.

2. Recyclable and Eco-friendly

Paper bags are reusable and safe for everyone and the environment. Paper bags of different sizes are becoming a mainstream decision due to their durability and environmentally friendly attributes

3. Save Energy

One significant advantage paper bags have over plastic bags is that they are biodegradable and effectively degenerate, saving energy. The paper industry also contributes to the maintenance of forests and thereby reduces climate change.

4. Durable and Comfortable

Paper bags were made stronger and more durable than when it was first produced in the mid-18th century. They can keep their content in an upstanding position while holding substantial weight. It is comfortable to carry around.

5. Create a Unique Brand Identity

Paper bags of different sizes can be customized to display an eye-catching logo. This can give your business more visibility. So, whether you are in the food, fashion, jewelry, or tech industry, this can be a means of creating a unique identity for your brand.

6. Boost your Brand Awareness

Corporate organizations are leveraging paper bags to boost their brand awareness. It is excellent for packaging promotional products for employees, clients, and business associates.

7. Easy to Use

Today, paper bags are widely chosen because they are fashionable and strong. They are also easy to carry, occupy less space, and accommodate many items.

8. Generate more Sales for Businesses

Packaging your products using paper bags can help increase your sales. With your brand’s logo visibly displayed on the paper bag, your brand visibility increases and, consequently, more traffic and sales to your business.

Types of Paper Bags

Brown vs. White Paper Bags

Paper bags are commonly found in two colors, brown and white. While both colors are beautiful and durable, they are slightly different. The white paper bags appear cleaner and display your business logo more clearly than their brown counterparts. However, brown bags are used more frequently.

The type of business you operate will determine the paper bag size. Grocery stores, for instance, typically favor heavyweight paper bags with handles. Produce shops and farmer’s markets commonly use market paper bags.

S.O.S Bags

These bags are also called lunch bags. They are commonly used as a lunch carrier and are mainly brown, although you can find them in other colors. They are 11 inches long and can hold up to 5lbs. It stands firm, and you can stack different foods and other small items.

Merchandise Bags

It is stylish and can be branded to suit different business needs. They can be found in various weight and length capacities ranging from 9-to 24 inches. Customers can conveniently carry shopping items back home using the merchandise bag.

Pinch Bottom Bags

It is used in bakeries and pastry shops with a wide-top construction to stay open while placing your items in it. It is excellent for pastries due to its grease-resistant properties and envelope-like seal to keep your pastries firmly secure. Bakery bags are 16-28 inches in height with varying carriage capacity.

Party Bags

The paper party bags are a great means of filling gift bags with sweets, gift cards and other items for guests. They are stylish with a small handle and can be kept for different purposes.

Mailing Bags

They are produced in an envelope style with an extra layer of protective padding. Ideal for mailing documents and small, fragile items to customers and businesses associates.

Recycled Bags

Retailers around the world are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycled paper bags manufactured with eco-friendly materials can create a green world. These paper bags can also be used for other businesses since they come in different lengths and sizes.

You understand your business best and the anticipated growth to choose the right paper bag size for your business. Here are a few questions you need to answer before buying paper bags.

What is the Best Paper Bag Size for my Products?

You need to determine the type of paper bag suitable for your business. Some things you must consider include the size and weight of your products. Your paper bag size should not be too large or too small. We recommend having a few different sizes handy, especially if you sell various items.

Think about the strength and durability of the paper bag you need for your business. The resilience of the bag should be a deciding factor in the bag you choose. It won’t be good for your business if the bag or handle falls apart and causes customer items to spill.

What is best for my customer?

Satisfying and exceeding customers’ expectations should be a priority of every business. Consider getting a paper bag that is easy to carry, durable, and withstand different climate conditions.

How do I Leverage my Paper Bags to Expand my Business?

Choosing the right paper bag is a good marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility and revenue. Custom paper bags can be an advertising tool to grow your business exponentially. Also, a high-quality paper bag can set your business apart from competitors.

Finally, you can make a guided decision in choosing the right paper bag size for your business. We manufacture high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly paper bags of different sizes.

We understand the need to customize your bags and offer professional and detailed customization options for all clients. With excellent customer service support, you can rest assured that your inquiries will be attended to promptly. Please submit a contact form to get started.


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