Why you should Choose the Nonwoven Bag with Eco-Friendly Features

Why you should Choose the Nonwoven Bag with Eco-Friendly Features

The nonwoven bag is made with new material, polypropylene, gaining popularity due to its eco-friendly features. Polypropylene is a variant of plastic favored by many industries due to its properties.

Polypropylene fabrics are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Manufacturing industries such as upholstery sources for polypropylene are in high demand since they can be used several times and are resistant to stains.

Nonwoven fabric is soft, breathable, and has a low production cost compared to cotton. This material is also an excellent insulator featuring the lowest thermal conductivity of all synthetic fibers. Here are some of the most outstanding features of nonwoven bags.

Nonwoven Fabric

These bags are perfect for all occasions because of their versatile features. The first thing you will notice about these bags is that they are all lightweight. These lightweight bags are affordable, and you won’t spend much money on shipping.

These lightweight nonwoven eco-friendly bags are suitable for carrying different things because they are highly durable. The lightweight bags are about 1.1 pounds, a bit higher or lower depending on the design. Some of these nonwoven bags also weigh a little more because of the customized features on the bags.

Durable nonwoven bags

Nonwoven bags are recommended for different shopping trips, whether you want to go to the grocery shop or shop for trendy clothes at the shopping mall. The manufacturing center confirms the durability of these nonwoven bags. 

The nonwoven material used to make the bags can withstand pressure even if heavy products or items have been placed inside the bag. The bottom of these bags has also been secured to prevent them from ripping apart. And end-users have written excellent testimonials about the product.

Customizable nonwoven eco-friendly bags

The bags are perfect for companies that want to give out souvenirs to their customers. Also, retail brands can use these nonwoven bags to pack the items that their customer has purchased in the shops. 

The bags come in different colors for customization. Also, these bags are perfect for branding. The nonwoven material has been tested, and it is confirmed that printing or labels can be used to advertise brands that use the bags. The color range for these bags includes red, blue, yellow, green, and more. The handles can feature a different color if the buyer wants.

Reusable nonwoven bags

These are among the best options for eco-friendly nonwoven bags. The bags offer more value for money. The bags have been designed to maintain their shape when carrying different products. And after the first use, the bags can be reused multiple times. Reusing the bags will not cause contamination because they are made from materials that do not support bacterial growth.

Different package dimensions

The bags can be mass-produced in different packaging dimensions. This is convenient for bulk buyers who sell different types of products. The packaging dimensions allow users to choose the size of a bag that can accommodate their products. 

This means smaller nonwoven bags are used for packaging small-sized products. They can be made into tote bags for shopping and drawstring bags for the gym or leisure.

These affordable nonwoven bags make it possible to conveniently pack different things without spending too much money. The bags are perfect for schools that need to package academic materials for new students or similar events.

Why nonwoven bags are environmentally sustainable

The sustainability of any product lies in its recyclability. The nonwoven bags with eco-friendly features can be reused for an extended period. As far as it is properly recycled, it can be used to produce a new valuable item.

Again, compared to their plastic counterparts, you can wash and disinfect them without worrying about damage. Your nonwoven bag can also be disinfected to improve safety while carrying items.

How to clean nonwoven bags

Contrary to popular belief, nonwoven bags can be cleaned. It is easy and straight to the point. Since you can reuse your nonwoven bag, it is important to keep it clean always.

Hand wash your nonwoven bags carefully with cold water. Avoid using a washing machine or hot water to wash your bag.

Your shopping bag can get dirty very quickly, and you might find some stains on it. However, it is best to use your hands only and avoid using a brush to clean your bag.

Place your shopping bag in the shade to dry and avoid direct sunlight, which can damage it. To prevent the nonwoven bag from fading, you can add a pinch of salt and white vinegar to a clean bowl of water and soak your bag for 30mins before cleaning.

The Difference between woven and nonwoven bags

While both bags are excellent and serve different purposes, they have some distinguishing characteristics. Woven bags are made from woven fabric, which creates a stronger bond. In the production of nonwoven bags, on the other hand, the fabrics are entangled but not woven. 

This process is done mechanically, chemically, or thermally, depending on the product. Nonwoven bags with eco-friendly features are affordable. This is why many businesses are leveraging them to increase their brand’s visibility. The branded tote bags can be used daily for necessities such as shopping and leisure bags.

Today, nonwoven bags with eco-friendly features play a significant role in eliminating plastic bags. And its reusable feature is what makes it stand out. You can order in bulk and have your order customized. Bulk orders for these bags can be completed in a few days, depending on the order. You can send a message to find more information about bulk orders.

We manufacture high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly paper bags of different sizes. We understand the need to customize your bags and offer professional and detailed customization options for all clients. With excellent customer service support, you can rest assured that your inquiries will be attended to promptly. Please submit a contact form to get started.


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