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How to Choose a Laundry Bag

When using the laundry bag, match different clothes according to the size of the grid.

Fine mesh characteristics The finer the mesh, the lower the friction between the laundry bag and the clothes, and the weaker water convection. Suitable for clothes that are easily deformed or damaged. If the clothes are decorated with sequins or beads, it is recommended to use a fine mesh laundry bag.
Medium mesh characteristics The friction between the laundry bag and the clothes is medium, and the water enters and exits quickly. Suitable for general shirts, T-shirts, casual clothes, etc.
Coarse mesh characteristics The laundry bag has the greatest friction with the clothes, the strongest water convection, and can quickly penetrate the laundry net. It is suitable for clothes that are not afraid of abrasion but need to be scrubbed and easily soiled, such as jeans or school uniforms.

Choose clothes according to the shape of the laundry bag.

The square laundry bag is suitable for clothes folded into a square shape such as shirts. The large square laundry bag is suitable for large thin fabrics such as bed sheets and sheets.
The pill-shaped laundry bag has a three-dimensional space in the bag, which is suitable for sweatshirts or clothes that are more fluffy and take up space after being folded.
The cylindrical laundry bag is longer in shape and is suitable for putting down half-length clothes, such as trousers folded into three folds or shorts or skirts.

Other considerations for selection.

Whether the laundry bag is hemmed or not, the washing machine has a great pulling force when mixing. It is recommended that the seams of the laundry bag should be tightly stitched. If there is a hemming at the joint, the durability is relatively high and it is not easy to split.
Zipper material, the plastic material of the zipper slider is better than metal, because plastic is less likely to scratch the inside of the washing tank, and the wide slider is more convenient to use.
Whether there is a zipper protective cover, the top part of the zipper should have a zipper head protective cover, so that the zipper is not easy to loosen during washing, and it can also protect the washing tank from being scratched.


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