How to Make Kraft Paper Bags?

People require the continuous improvement of the workmanship and structure of paper bags, and gradually pay attention to the environmental protection and aesthetic performance of paper bags. As a result, a new type of paper bag, kraft paper bag, has become a favorite product.

Kraft paper bag is a kind of bag made of composite material (Kraft paper). Because the making material of Kraft paper bag is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly, Kraft paper bag has become an internationally recognized environmental protection product while satisfying people’s green consumption. In major shopping malls at home and abroad, supermarkets can be seen everywhere “Kraft paper bags”, he is like a small warrior, accompanied in our daily life, to help us share the burden of life.

Sizes of kraft paper bag

Kraft paper bag according to the size and specifications of the paper bag itself, the practice is divided into small white Kraft paper bag method, medium Kraft paper bag method, large bag method.

1).Small white Kraft paper bag method: this kind of paper bag is completely formed by streamline machine, sticking rope. The construction period is short, the efficiency is fast and the cost is low, so this kind of bag is generally widely used and economical, and it is a necessary choice for housewives of all extended families.

2).Medium-sized paper bags are made on the basis of machine molding, the use of manual rope to complete.

3).Due to the limitation of machinery and equipment, large bags can only be made by pure handmade.

Crafts of kraft paper bag

1.Machine-made paper bags

According to the use of materials, the printing and production of general shopping bags will also show great quality differences according to the different production process equipment. There is also a qualitative difference between the large shopping bag printing factory and the small workshop making process, which is operated by the equipment specializing in printing shopping bags.

1). The glue
The shopping bag produced by “hot sol” automatic bag making machine sticks to all parts of the shopping bag, and forms the whole tight bag structure, which rarely takes off the bottom and takes off the handle.

2). The fold of the paper bag
The automatic bag-making machine is used to manufacture the shopping bag, the uniform mechanical operation is rolled, the surface of the bag is uniform and no crease, and the hot sol is strong in strength and quick to dry, so that the bonding is accurate and beautiful.

3). Cotton rope handle
The shopping bag printing factory generally uses the technology of unpierced cordless knot. Two pieces of heavy kraft paper are fixed with hot sol to the cotton rope, and then the kraft paper is fastened to the paper bag to form a “vertical” handle without drilling and protruding knots.

Mechanization has the high automatic operation efficiency, the delivery time is particularly fast, also suitable for a variety of bag specifications.

2.Hand-held paper bag

1). The traditional hand-held paper bag after printing, is to use “white glue” manual paste bag body, the amount of glue have to be even and keep heat that to avoid the case of peeling loose handle.

2). When the paper bag is folded, the bag surface is inevitably provided with a fold line, and it has to be careful to the amount of the white glue, the glue overflows can impact the bag shape.

3). The handle of the traditional handmade paper bag is to punch the bag body first, then manually pass the nylon rope through the knot, and use the knot head to jam the paper bag.


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