OPP plastic bag

OPP Bag Packaging

OPP, an abbreviation for oriented polypropylene, is a shiny plastic that is clear and not stretchy. OPP bag packaging is popularly used to bag products across different industries. Often, one plastic bag is mistaken for another. The most distinguishing features are the style of their fabrication. Here’s a list of the plastic bags and their distinguishing features.

The BOPP Plastic bags

Their bi-axially orientation and art of manufacturing give them a transparent appearance and make it possible to print on them. They are ideal for retail packaging. Due to the biaxial orientation, they are durable and can carry heavy items. Since the BOPP plastic bags are waterproof, the product is secure and safe from moisture.

PP Bags

PP stands for polypropylene. These non-woven bags are moisture-absorbent and soft. Its non-toxic, non-staining features makes it used widely used in the agricultural, food, and cement industries.

OPP Plastic Bags Features

  • The oriented polypropylene has a transparent look, high tensile strength, and cannot be stretched. It is the most brittle plastic material and is easy to burn. The crystal clear nature of the bag makes it suitable for packing various items. It can also get wrinkled if used roughly.
  • The food industry especially loves to use OPP bag packaging for its crystal clear look, appealing package items. Besides this, it is a sturdy material that is not easy to tear apart. It also comes with a long-term, strong seal that keeps the content secure and fresh.
  • Several data suggest that the OPP film has more sealing strength than the traditional film.
  • Since OPP bag packaging is suitable for different industries, it is used to package various items, including cookies, candy, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, artworks, clothes, etc. These items look attractive for sale purposes or to present a gift item.
  • Anti-fog material is used in the manufacturing process of OPP bag packaging. For this reason, you can get a clear view of the bag’s content and examine the freshness of food items. The transparent appearance also increases the product’s appeal and value.
  • OPP bag packaging is safe for food items and meets all the requirements and compliance with the FDA safety standard for food contact. One of the best ways to cater to many vendors is to produce bag packaging in different content. OPP bag packaging features different sizes of bags ranging from 2×3 to 18 x 24, making it possible to cater to various packaging and presentation needs.
  • A peculiar feature of OPP plastic is that it has anti-counterfeiting solid properties. The printing and synthetic technology used in its manufacturing process make counterfeit production impossible.
  • The OPP film is designed with a single heat-sealing process that makes it firm and durable. More so, the OPP bag has a doubled-sided venting hole. This unique design allows fruits and vegetables to breathe freely, consequently prolonging their freshness.

OPP Bag Applications

OPP Tape

Polypropylene film is used as the base material in making adhesive tapes with high-tensile strength, lightweight, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly properties.

OPP Bottle

The transparent bottle has become a substitute for PET bottles due to its low cost of production, improved transparency, good heat resistance, and lightweight features.

OPP Self-sealing bag

The OPP film is folded by the side and sealed until opened. This self-sealing bag ensures the content is safe and protected from external damage. This makes it popular in the food and clothing industries.

Advantages of using OPP Bag Packaging

OPP bag packaging comes in different sizes and can be used in multiple industries. Here are some of the top advantages of using this bag packaging.

Free customization

The OPP bag packaging can be customized and tailored to suit your design, innovative ideas, and other preferences. Packaging of different sizes or shapes can be produced to meet your business needs. This gives it a competitive edge in the market.

Customization elements can also increase the visual appeal of your bag packaging in terms of sharpness, gloss, and printability. You can leverage this to showcase your product in a better way.

A wide range of suitable products

OPP bag packaging can be used for several products making it a popular choice of packaging for many industries. The food, clothing, and cosmetic industry has a growing market, and so the demand for plastic bag packaging is increasing.

Simple Packaging Process

One of the most significant advantages of OPP bag packaging is that it is easy to manufacture as long as the production equipment is of good quality. The packaging is also easy to use and operate.

Convenient Transportation

The OPP bag materials are lightweight, which saves packaging and shipping costs. It is easy to transport, making it an economical choice in the domestic and foreign markets.

Strong Attraction

Many consumers find the OPP bag packaging very attractive and are naturally drawn to its content. Due to its strong product appeal, it is suitable for sales packaging requirements.

Also, it significantly improves the product’s shelf life and meets the barrier requirement for grease, water, and organic solvent. The OPP plastic bag also meets antirust, non-toxic, non-polluting, and sterility preservation.

Protect the product

Another advantage of OPP bag packaging is that it protects the content. The material used in manufacturing OPP plastic bags can block harmful UV rays, moisture, and grease from affecting the content. Therefore, the shelf life of perishable food items is extended, and the packaging stays secure during shipping.

Reduce waste and is environmentally friendly

The OPP bag packaging is also FDA approved food-safe material and doesn’t emit harmful vapor during heat sealing. It is an economical choice that reduces waste and is recyclable. More so, its eco-friendly feature will also attract companies who are concerned about the environment.

New and improved methods of technology used in plastic bag production give consumers a wide variety of choices. The OPP bag packaging remains a top choice because of its unique features and advantages. We can help you make the right plastic storage for your product. We pay attention to details and manufacture high-quality products with a highly professional team. Contact us for more information or to give you a free quote.




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