OPP Plastic Everything you Need to Know

OPP Plastic: Everything you Need to Know

OPP plastic can be described as shiny plastic that is clear and not stretchy. It is commonly used worldwide in the production of various plastic products. OPP stands for oriented Polypropylene, has high tensile strength, and can withstand high temperatures.

At first glance, it may be challenging to distinguish between OPP, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene), and PP (Polypropylene). However, when touched, you can tell the difference. For instance, OPP feels brittle while PP is softer. Before telling you everything you need to know about OPP plastic, let’s take a look at the differences between each of these materials.

The Difference between OPP, BOPP, and PP

Essentially, the style of fabrication is what makes them different. Polypropylene is the primary polymer used in manufacturing OPP, BOPP, and PP. OPP, also known as polypropene, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic plastic polymer. Many of the packaging items available are made from this product.

OPP plastic will wrinkle if handled roughly. They are transparent and have high density. Since OPP plastic is tough to tear, it is used for packaging leather products, clothing, transparent adhesive tapes, and other items

BOPP plastic bags are excellent for branding and printing on the surface due to their transparent look. They are commonly used in retail packaging such as the cloth packaging industry and can withstand heavyweight because of their biaxial orientation. They are waterproof and keep the product inside them protected from moisture.

On the other hand, PP material is moist and water absorbent, making them ideal in packaging diapers, sanitary towels, and air filters. They also provide a temperature barrier, making them an excellent choice in manufacturing thermal clothing.

The OPP, BOPP, and PP materials are sustainable choices. They meet all the environmental requirements, are recyclable, and leave no carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.

How OPP Plastic is made

This material is produced by melting high molecular weight polypropylene into a thin sheet through a narrow machine head. The material proceeds through a dedicated stretching machine simultaneously at a specific temperature and predefined speed.

The film can stretch in two vertical directions while being subjected to appropriate cooling or heat treatment. OPP plastic is tasteless and harmless with high impact strength. The OPP film has different properties due to the different processing methods.

The flat film method produces OPP plastic bags with a higher tensile ratio than the tubular film method. The shaping technique of extrusion and molding commonly used in injection molding is also used in the melting process of OPP. Sometimes, an antistatic additive is included to help the polypropylene surface resist dirt and dust.

Uses of OPP Plastic

It is frequently used to fabricate cold-weather base layers and other clothing where moisture needs to be kept away from the body.


Since OPP plastic can be treated to absorb water, it is excellent for making diapers. When configured in a mesh format, Polypropylene is used in hernia and pelvic organ prolapsed repair surgeries.

An antimicrobial coating can be applied for bacterial prevention in the manufacturing of medical bracelets, IV stands, medical monitoring equipment, surgical trays, etc.

Food and beverage

It’s so easy to make a durable seal for food and beverage, so there’s a high usage of OPP in the food and beverage industry.

Decorative packaging

OPP plastic is an excellent choice for promotional products and gift items. It can be produced in bulk in a mirror-like finish.

Fashion Packaging

The fashion industry also leverages the superior quality of OPP plastic to package clothing items without worrying about mold or moisture. 

OPP Plastic Features

  • OPP plastic is resistant to acid, alkalis, and organic solvents. This is why it can be conveniently used in the packaging industry and protects the product from moisture.
  • OPP plastic performance is outstanding. It is anti-scratch and can withstand wear and tear. The sealing is also excellent. So, it can be used as gift bags or in the packaging of different food items such as bread, pastries, nuts, and spices.
  • The OPP plastics are lightweight, which makes production easy. The shipping is usually fast and saves costs.
  • The OPP plastic bags can also be customized according to the customers’ tastes and preferences.

OPP Film

It is the most widely used among the different variations of films globally. The moisture-proof properties allow it to produce very clear printing results giving it worldwide recognition as the leading flexible packaging film.

As earlier mentioned, OPP film is used in the food industry due to its sealing properties, tensile strength, and low cost compared to cellophane. It is highly durable and can be reused or opened multiple times without wear or tear.

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Tips for safe plastic use

Plastic is everywhere and used in packaging our foods, beauty products, health products, etc. 

It’s essential to know how to use plastics safely. According to the doctor’s recommendations, it is safer to heat food in glass or metal containers instead of plastic. 

The heat can increase the chances of chemicals spilling the plastics into your food.

Choose products marked BPA-free like OPP plastic. Usually, you may find a leaf besides recyclable plastics indicating that it is also BPA-free.

Conclusively, OPP plastic can help retailers and consumers preserve the freshness of food items throughout the shelf life. They provide stability in packaging, securing goods until they reach the end-user. More so, retailers can enjoy glue reduction of up to 50% compared to paper labels.

The production process is seamless and easy, increasing efficiency and reducing waste due to fewer rejects. The aesthetic quality contributes to the superior packaging appearance keeping the appearance appealing.


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