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Modellnummer CXJ-P17012
Material Papier 
Größe 50*44*15.5 cm
Gewicht  125 g/62 g
Farbe Anpassung
Verpackung 144/288 Stück pro Karton
Kunstwerk JPG-, PDF-, AI-, EPS-Format usw. und benutzerdefiniertes Design akzeptieren
Szene Apparel, Beverage, Food, Advertising, Package.
Feature Biologisch abbaubar, individuelles Logo. 
Beispielzeit 1-3 Tage
Vorteile Direktpreis ab Werk\Ware ist auf Lager \Schnelle Lieferung\Umweltfreundlich

CXGIAE is a leading manufacturer of black kraft paper bags that specializes in wholesale business. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly packaging solutions for businesses. The 50*44*15.5 cm Black Kraft Paper Bags are no exception, offering superior strength and versatility for a variety of packaging needs.

These bags are made from high-quality kraft paper, ensuring durability and resistance to tearing, making them perfect for carrying heavier items. The black color gives the bags a sleek and sophisticated look, making them ideal for use in the retail, food and beverage, and other industries.

The bags come with a spacious interior, providing ample room for your products. The dimensions of 50*44*15.5 cm make these bags perfect for packaging a variety of products, from clothing to books, to food items. The large size also means that you can easily print your custom logo or design on the front of the bag, creating a unique and personalized packaging solution for your business.

In addition, the bags are biodegradable and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice for your packaging needs. CXGIAE is committed to providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions for its customers, making these black kraft paper bags a responsible choice for your business.

Overall, the 50*44*15.5 cm Black Kraft Paper Bags from CXGIAE offer the perfect combination of style, durability, and eco-friendliness. Whether you’re looking to package products for retail or food and beverage items, these bags are an excellent choice.


Ningbo oder Shanghai, China


15 Tage

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