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What is a PVC bag, Will it Pollute The Environment?

Will PVC plastic bags pollute the environment? In fact, real PVC plastic bags can no longer be called plastic bags, because they have nothing to do with plastic. The reason why they are called PVC plastic bags is just because they look like plastic

Why Is Non Woven Fabric Bag so Popular?

When you shopping in the mall or supermarket, it will be easy to find stores use non woven garment bag, non-woven shoe bag to pack clothes and shoes. You can also see people walking in and out grocery stores near home carry non-woven fabric

How to Design the Color of Canvas Shopping Bags?

A well-designed canvas shopping bag must be the kind of eye-catching. Except the basic white canvas bag, there are green canvas bag, pink canvas tote bag, red canvas bag, yellow canvas tote bag and brown canvas bags. Bags are designed with good-looking patterns and

How to Identify Good Non-woven Fabrics?

New non-woven bags made of new fabric have a longer use life. Since non-woven fabric is a kind of easily decomposed fabric, when the storage time is too long, it will seriously affect its service life. New materials generally have better performance and toughness.

How to Make Kraft Paper Bags?

People require the continuous improvement of the workmanship and structure of paper bags, and gradually pay attention to the environmental protection and aesthetic performance of paper bags. As a result, a new type of paper bag, kraft paper bag, has become a favorite product.

Why Do Non-woven Bags Smell Bad?

Whether do you noticed it or not, the new woven bag often smelled odor. This makes people doubt that it is not environmentally friendly. If you get to know the production process of non-woven bags, they are totally safe in daily use. 1.Water-based ink

Will People Reuse Vintage Kraft Paper Bags?

The kraft paper bag is a base material of full wood pulp paper, and the color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, and the paper can be coated with a layer of film on the paper, so as to be

Classification and Market Status of Kraft Paper Bags

Green environmental protection is the theme of the times and the future development trend of packaging materials in the packaging industry. In the background of this era, the kraft paper bags that can be recycled for many times are popular with the public. At

Why Does the Clothing Brand Like to Use Paper Handbags?

At present, in our daily life, when we buy clothes, the store always provides a handbag to hold the goods purchased by our customers, which is usually used in paper handbags. With the rapid development of paper packaging market in recent years, more and