hot food in plastic bag

Can PVC packaging bags hold hot things?

Over time, people’s economic conditions have undergone drastic changes. The improvement of economic conditions has caused more friends to pay attention to their quality of …

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PVC packaging bags

Why are PVC packaging bags popular?

PVC packaging bags are widely used, mainly because of its production process, the production process of PVC bags is not complicated. The production line is …

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customizing PVC bags

What matters should be paid attention to when customizing PVC bags

PVC bags are used in a wide range of fields, such as shopping bags in supermarkets, clothing bags in shopping malls, exquisite packaging bags for …

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PVC Packaging Materials

Advantages of PVC Packaging Materials

According to the different thickness of the PVC film and the different uses, PVC bags, cosmetic packaging bags, stationery packaging bags, craft jewelry packaging bags, …

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Will PVC plastic bags pollute the environment

What is a PVC bag, Will it Pollute The Environment?

Will PVC plastic bags pollute the environment? In fact, real PVC plastic bags can no longer be called plastic bags, because they have nothing to …

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Why Is Non Woven Fabric Bag so Popular?

When you shopping in the mall or supermarket, it will be easy to find stores use non woven garment bag, non-woven shoe bag to pack …

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How to Design the Color of Canvas Shopping Bags?

A well-designed canvas shopping bag must be the kind of eye-catching. Except the basic white canvas bag, there are green canvas bag, pink canvas tote …

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How to Identify Good Non-woven Fabrics?

New non-woven bags made of new fabric have a longer use life. Since non-woven fabric is a kind of easily decomposed fabric, when the storage …

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Why Do Non-woven Bags Smell Bad?

Whether do you noticed it or not, the new woven bag often smelled odor. This makes people doubt that it is not environmentally friendly. If …

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