Geschenk bruine kerst papieren zak met handvatten


Modelnummer CXJ-P17023
Materiaal Pakpapier/Aangepast 
Maat 20*10*25 cm 
Kleur Bruin/Wit/Aangepast
Kunstwerk JPG, PDF, AI, EPS formaat enz. en accepteer aangepast ontwerp
Tafereel Inpakken, winkelen, cadeau
Voorzien zijn van Inpakken, winkelen, cadeau

The Christmas paper bag with handles from CXGIAE is a stylish and eco-friendly packaging solution for your Christmas gifts. The bag is made of high-quality kraft paper, which is not only durable but also biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

The bag comes in a classic yellow color, which is perfect for a traditional Christmas look, and it features two sturdy handles that make it easy to carry. The handles are reinforced with additional layers of paper, making them strong enough to support heavier items.

Customization is also available, with your logo or festive designs printed on the bag. The personalized touch adds a unique element to your gifts and helps promote your brand or event.

The bag has a spacious size of 20*10*25cm, making it ideal for a variety of items, from small to medium-sized gifts such as clothing, books, accessories, and more. Plus, the rectangular bottom of the bag allows it to stand upright, making it convenient for storing and transporting items.

Whether you are a retailer or an individual looking for a festive and eco-friendly packaging solution for your Christmas gifts, the Christmas paper bag with Handles from CXGIAE is a perfect choice that combines style, durability, and environmental responsibility.


ningbo of shanghai, china


15 dagen

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