Eco-friendly Custom Small Packaging Non Woven Recycle Bag

Yellow non woven bag

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Model Number CXJ-N12017Y
Material Non-Woven
Size 25*10*30CM
Color White/Black/Yellow/Blue/Customized
Packing customized
Artwork JPG, PDF, AI, EPS format etc and accept custom design
Scene Apparel, Beverage, Food, Advertising.
Feature Apparel, Beverage, Food, Advertising.

Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details Non Woven Bag Details

This is the best time to use recycled non woven bag because they are recycled bags and help protect the environment.

The world is going green and these non woven bags are designed to perform the same way like other plastics or paper bags. The tote bags are also customizable, making these non woven bags the best option for retail businesses.

How They Are Made

The non woven tote bags are made from high-quality polypropylene fibers, which is why the reusable tote bags are of such a high quality. The source of non woven polypropylene fabric is essential to ensure the final non woven bags product meets the end-users standards. The durable bags also exceed the capacity of plastic bags.

The production process is not too complex. It involves bonding the properly formed polypropylene fibers to form the non woven bags. This process involves chemical bonding in a thermal setting, done by mechanical machines suitably designed for the production process. The manufacturing process is less complex that making the woven bags recyclable. That is why the bulk orders for the non woven bags is more affordable.

Where to Buy the Non Woven Bags

The non woven bags recyclable nature makes them a top rated product in the market for recycled materials. The non woven fabrics are also suitable for use in different industries, however, you will often see the non woven fabric bags in the retail industry. The best place to buy these outstanding bags made from non woven fabrics is from our company.

We encourage everyone to buy the eco friendly non woven bags recyclable category from us because we are confident in our products. We source the non woven fabric from the best places to ensure our durable bags continue to stand out on the market. You can browse our web page to view the bags and place an order for wholesale quantities.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us to ask questions about bulk orders for these bags or to order.

Benefits of Using the Eco Friendly Non Woven Bags

The bags have a long list of features that makes them excellent for the consumer market. The main benefits of using these non woven bags are as follows:

Durable Lightweight Reusable Bags

In addition to the advantage of recycling these polypropylene bags, you can also reuse them. The reusable bags are lightweight which means the shipping fees will not be too high. Also, the bags are durable, and can hold different items, whether gifts, some dry foods, or clothes bought from fashion shops.

Branding Advantages

These eco friendly bags are excellent for promotional purposes. The bag comes in different colors, and have adequate surface area for branding messages which aid promotional purposes. The non woven bags are much better than the plastic bags in this regard, because the material is safe for the environment and still great for branding a business, with the best print design to create public awareness.

Versatile Uses

You can find these non woven bags in different industries. The bag has an admirable level of durability that makes them highly demanded in several industries. Also, the bag can be ordered in any quantity, making them a good choice for entrepreneurs who need breathable materials for packaging goods.

Product Description – Eco friendly Custom Small Packaging Non Woven Recylable Bags

These non woven polypropylene bags are always in stock, which is great for investors who would like to buy them in bulk to meet the market demand. Here are the best features of these non woven bags:

Different Colors Available

You can order any quantity of the non woven polypropylene bags in colors that best suit your business. The non woven fabric looks excellent in different colors, and this helps to boost their market value. They can also be dyed for flexible options.

Standard Size

The standard size of this non woven polypropylene bag is 25 x 10 x 30 cm. This is an ideal product specification for non woven bags for versatile uses, including packing groceries, or use as laundry bags. However, you can request for customized sizes to meet your market demand.

Functional Features

These non woven bags are excellent for different functional uses including shopping. You can use them for packing products in the beverage industry, food industry, buying clothes from the shopping malls, and advertising brands on the bags.

Overall, these bags are made from the best materials which is non woven, and the minimum order quantity you can order is 1000 pieces. The bags are lightweight and come in blue, yellow, red, and black colors.

Order in Bulk

Send us a message to order these non woven bags in bulk. You can make requests for customization or double the batch order to meet your market’s high demand. The non woven polypropylene fabric is perfect for the environment and biodegradable.

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