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If you are looking for holographic PVC bags in China, CXGIAE will be your best choice, we will provide you with very competitive prices, please quote now!

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This holographic PVC bag is the ideal packaging option for herbs, nuts, dried foods, and a wide range of other items. The bags have a convenient design that allows you to view the content. They are easy to use as well.

These bags are filled up and resealed within a few seconds, keeping the product intact. The bags are top sellers because of their quality. Also, many people have bought them and have satisfactory experiences.

Great retail value

The bags are not heavy. Therefore, they are easy to ship to different locations. You can also carry them around easily. When these bags are used to pack food items, the consumers will not feel inconvenienced moving them around physically.

Sealable bags

The holographic PVC bags can be heat sealed or use a resealable zipper. These options depend on the product you want to store in the bag.

Heat protection

The holographic design of these bags deflects heat energy from them. This is another reason why retailers like it. The products stored in the bag remain fresh and valuable to the final consumers.

Moisture-proof PVC bags

After properly sealing the bag, it remains moisture-proof until you open it intentionally. The sealing options are reliable. Therefore, the closure will not pop open even if you ship the bag across the oceans to customers in distant places.

Overall, this product is a best-seller with outstanding value. Please contact us for more information or to place your order.

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