Custom Insulated Bag OEM Thermal Food Bag

Model: CXJ-IB008 Category:


Material Non woven+EPE
Size 21.5*11.5*44.5cm/customized
Weight 51.5g
Color customized
Artwork JPG, PDF, AI, EPS format etc  and accept custom design
Scene Packing, Store
Feature Packing, Store

The Custom Insulated Bag OEM Thermal Food Bag from CXGIAE is a high-quality, wholesale-only solution for transporting food at the desired temperature. Made with top-notch insulation materials, this bag effectively maintains hot or cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Its custom OEM design allows for personalized branding and messaging, making it a perfect fit for any food delivery business. The durable construction of this bag also ensures long-lasting use, making it a cost-effective choice for any food transport needs.

Meal Coolers for the road

Whether you need something practical to hand out as gifts to employees or you simply need to visit the farmers’ market, this fashionable custom-insulated bag is your best bet. Designed for fashion and function, the OEM Thermal Bag keeps its content at optimal temperature for a longer time.

With this cooler bag, meals and drinks can retain their heat or coolness for much longer prior until needed. It comes in perfect sizes and styles for different needs and business preferences.

What’s cool about the custom cooler bags?

Here’s what you must know about why insulated bags are the best fit for insulating your consumables.


However affordable an item is, nobody enjoys replacing them within the first few weeks of purchase. A lot could go wrong with cooler bags, so we’ve put in measures to ensure that they don’t!

The four-cornered cooler bag is fitted with skillfully stitched quality zippers that seal off the bag, locking in the temperature and safeguarding the contents from the spill. Since it is non-woven, the cooler bag is more hard-wearing when compared with woven bags.

Quality Material

The insulated bags are made from EPE foam, which makes the bags lightweight, flexible, and shock absorbent. Coolers are as easy to fold up and store away as they are able to bear substantial weight without buckling.

With high thermal resistance, promotional coolers can withstand extremes of hot and cold, making them long-term, if not life-long friends.

Eco-friendly promotional cooler bags

Our custom cooler bags are earth-friendly and made from renewable and biodegradable materials. When these branded coolers have outlived their time, they can be recycled to produce items for the food, bedding, and transportation industries.

In addition, retaining heat in food prevents the need to microwave them again. This reduces the rate of carbon emission via microwaving.

Easy to Clean and Maintain 

It can be a source of concern when you use cooler bags as lunch bags for children or if you run DashDoor or Uber Eats. There is the risk of spillage on the bag interior, which may be hard to get out.

Luckily the non-woven cooler bag puts that fear to rest with its high resistance to water, oils, and many chemicals. This makes it easy to clean, leaving no stain marks.

The cooler tote bags are chemically treated to fend off mold or fungi growth. As a meal delivery service provider or a parent, it further validates your virtues of hygiene and cleanliness.


Our promotional insulated totes are produced with bold, elegant handles for easy carriage. These handles are long enough to give enough room for the hand but not too much to collide the non-woven totes with the ground.

If the event you need a longer handle to strap across your shoulder while you carry other items with your hand, you can opt for a customized one with longer hands.

These cooler bags are designed with non-woven polypropylene or polyester to give an elegant, shine to the bag’s exterior. These too can be customized to meet your business demands for your next event. The bottom is reinforced to make further the bag rigid enough to hold contents within.

Custom-made insulated tote bags

Elevate your company’s image before clientele and customers using brand markers on the insulated cooler bags. It’s a great way to announce your brand to prospective customers. This makes your brand stand out long after they have left your space.

Brand the reusable cooler bags as lunch bags with your children’s names or as appreciation gifts with your employees’ names.

From mesh pockets, carrying handles, and bottom inserts to custom designs, we have an army of interactive design experts to make your style look professional and extend your promotional reach.

We accept design patterns in PG, PDF, AI, EPS formats to facilitate the ease of customizing your branded totes.

Gift Bags

Spread warm love and goodwill with a touch of class with the insulated,  non-woven tote bag. An epic choice for a promotional cooler, it will etch your brand name into the mind of customers. It is a great staff appreciation gift idea and a better option than thank-you notes.


Perfect for carrying meals and drinks anywhere, the promotional cooler bags will fit snugly in your car and cubicle and keep the contents cool.

These insulated tote bags will insulate meal content for social gatherings and keep them fresh. They can also serve as grocery bags for shopping or as delivery coolers for caterers and other meal delivery service providers.

Use the custom totes as meal packages for picnics,  and promotional cooler totes for company parties, hikes, sporting events and camping.

Bulk Insulated Cooler bags

Get cheap eco-friendly cooler totes at very low prices. Take another look at our guide to determine which features the best match your marketing requirements.



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