E Flute Brown Copper Paper Packaging Box

Modelo: CXJ-CB037 Categoría:


Número de modelo CXJ-CB037
Material E flauta/Papel de cobre
Tamaño 23.7*13.5*35.5cm/Customized
Peso 342.5g
Color personalizado
Embalaje personalizado
Obra de arte Formato JPG, PDF, AI, EPS, etc. y aceptamos diseños personalizados
Escena Embalaje, Tienda, Compras
Rasgo Embalaje, Tienda, Compras

The E flute brown copper paper packaging box from CXGIAE is the epitome of sophistication and dependability for businesses seeking a chic and practical way to package their products. Exquisitely crafted from premium E flute brown copper paper, this packaging box offers unrivaled protection and durability for your merchandise. Its sturdy composition ensures that even the heaviest items are held firmly and safely within its borders.
The mesmerizing brown color of the box adds a touch of sophistication and poise to your packaging, grabbing attention on shelves and in displays. The customizability feature enables you to decorate the box with your own design or logo, enhancing your brand and creating a lasting impression on your customers.

CXGIAE’s wholesale business model provides bulk quantities and cost-efficient pricing, making it the ideal option for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions for their packaging needs. Choose CXGIAE for all your paper packaging box needs and make a statement that is both refined and practical with your packaging.

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