The material of canvas bag is cotton, which is taken from nature, so it is called environmental protection canvas bag, canvas bag is strong and durable, canvas environmental protection bag fabric is more, more lines are also more, most of them are very delicate and smooth printing imaging effect is very good, and cleaning is also relatively easy, after washing, there will be a little deformation, because pure cotton will have shrinkage phenomenon. This is much better than non-woven fabric.
Canvas bags are bags made of canvas. Canvas bags are environmentally friendly. They can be degraded naturally. The canvas bag is characterized by green, healthy, breathable, moisture-proof, green, durable, simple and comfortable, with many styles and new styles. It can be used as a general environmental protection shopping bag, and can also be used as an advertising promotional gift for businesses. Canvas bags are a fashionable environmental protection cloth bag. The demand is very high, otherwise the high-end effect will not come out, but it will make people feel neither fish nor fowl.
Canvas Shopping Bag 01

Canvas shopping bag is an environmentally friendly shopping bag made of canvas. It is non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting.
As a kind of environmentally friendly shopping bag, canvas shopping bag has many styles and new styles.
It can be used not only as a general environment-friendly shopping bag, but also as an advertising promotional gift for enterprises. It is well received by consumers. This is the case. According to the type of use, canvas bags can be divided into the following categories: common sense canvas bags, advertising canvas bags, Memorial canvas bags, gift canvas bags, simple canvas bags.



Canvas: a relatively thick cotton or linen fabric. The name is because of the initial use of the sail. In general, a plain weave, a small amount of a twill weave, and a plurality of strands of warp yarn are used. The canvas is usually two or more kinds of canvas and canvas. The coarse canvas is also called tarpaulin. It is usually made of 58 (10-inch) and 4-7 strands.

The fabric is firm and durable. It has good waterproof performance. It can be used for the cover of automobile transportation and open-air storage and the field-to-ground tent. The fine canvas warp yarn is generally 2-strand 58 to 6-strand 28 (10-10/2-21-inch/6), for the production of labor-protection clothing and its products. It can also be used as a shoe after being dyed Travel bags, backpacks, etc. In addition, there are rubber canvas, fire prevention, radiation shield canvas, paper machine canvas.

The environment-friendly canvas bag is multi-style and new in style, can be used as a general environment-friendly shopping bag, and can also be used as an advertisement promotion gift for an enterprise. The canvas bag is a kind of fashionable environment-friendly cloth bag. The bag is very high in both the workmanship and the material.