Insulated Bag for Frozen Food Delivery

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Material Non woven+EPE
Size 32*21*34cm/customized
Color White/black/customized
Artwork JPG,PDF,AI,EPS format etc and accept custom design
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There are particular features insulated bag for frozen food delivery must-have. These features include the space in the bag, and the insulated bag for frozen food delivery must be designed to keep the food hot or cold until it reaches the consumer. These are considerations we have made to ensure that our custom insulated bags for food frozen delivery are the best on the market.

Frozen foods are among the fastest-selling products in retail or wholesale, according to statistics from food delivery companies. The carry bags have handles that allow users to move them from one location to another without stress. Also, the bags must go under proper checks to ensure they are safe for food delivery services.

Who Needs Insulated Food Delivery Bags?

These custom products are stock bags found in many companies involved with food packaging and delivery. The bags are easy to carry and can be reused for many years without losing their functionality and value.

They are needed by any company involved in delivering foods that must remain at a particular temperature until the food reaches the consumer. The delivery insulated grocery bags are also non-woven, which is a huge advantage because it helps make the bags last longer and maintains the temperature.

Advantages of Using the Custom Insulated Bags for Food Delivery

The main advantage of using these custom insulated grocery food bags for delivery or to preserve foods during a picnic is their value to end users. For example, entrepreneurs can maintain excellent relationships with long-term customers when they consistently deliver food and other consumables in a well-preserved form. Hot or cold foods reach consumers in time, with the food quality preserved.

Therefore, it is best to avoid waste and bad customer service by using these insulated grocery delivery bags for food. Other advantages of using these insulated delivery bags are as follows:

Unique Structure

The delivery bags have a unique structure that makes them a good fit for the food delivery industry. The insulation is reliable because these bags have gone through multiple tests to confirm their effectiveness.

Also, the bags have a solid base which helps with insulation, regardless of the temperature of the surface on which you place the bags. The solid base also ensures the items put in the bags are secure.

Custom Print Ready

These are the perfect bags for printing information about the company’s offers and products. These bags are often carried about in public places, so it is a great idea to print information about brands on them.

Easy to Carry

The delivery bags have sturdy handles. This is an essential feature that allows the user to carry the bags in an upright position. The handles make it possible to deliver foods without scattering the content in the bags.

Completely Sealed Bag

The delivery bag is zippered. The bag has a sturdy zipper closure that keeps the food safely in them and also prevents loss of temperature from inside the bag.

Product Description – Insulated Bag for Food Delivery

This insulated bag for food delivery is one of our best sellers. Here are the top features of the bag:

Bag Material

The material used to make this bag is a mix of non-woven material and EPE, which is good to touch and hold. This is an excellent combination that is perfect for solid bags needed in the food delivery industry. The material is also waterproof, so you can use the food delivery bag to do deliveries when it is raining.

Bag Size

The dimensions of this bag are impressive, and it can hold many items without issues. The bag measures 32 x 21 x 34 cm, and these sizes can be customized to meet your market demand. So, request customized sizes if necessary.


The standard colors of this insulated bag for food delivery are black and white. However, you can order them in customized colors to match your branding theme. When you need to print content on the bag, it can be done in artistic media formats like PDF, JPG, AI, EPS, and other customized designs.

Usage Recommendations

These are the perfect insulated food bags for all types of food delivery, whether the food is frozen, hot, or needs to be kept warm. The insulated grocery bag is suitable for use in different parts of the world, like the USA, etc. And a wide range of mid-sized items can enter the enclosure without any problems.

Overall, the insulated grocery bag for food delivery is built to last and provide the perfect environment to keep food preserved until it reaches the consumer. Also, the bags are not too heavy, so the shipping costs are reasonable for the minimum order of 1000 pieces.

Order in Bulk

If you are interested in investing in these fast-selling insulated bags, send us your customer contact form. We will reply and provide all the details and assistance you need to order these bags.

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