OEM Thermal Food Bag Promotional Wide Impermeable Reusable Insulation Lunch Foil Beer Cooler Bag

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Material Non woven+EPE
Size 26*16*15cm/customized
Color Blue/customized
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The OEM thermal food bag is a container to carry our meals to work, school, and other places. It can maintain the heat for several hours and keep your food fresh. As an insulated thermal lunch bag manufacturer in China, our price is competitive, contact us, and we’ll tell you more about what we can do for you.

Uses of Thermal Food Bags

Food and drinks can be transported safely with the help of these lunch bags that are portable and easy to use. It is appropriate for work, school, and camping.

How the OEM Thermal Bags Work

Insulation is typically stacked in thermal bags. They consist of an exterior layer, a cellular lining, and an insulating core layer. The middle layer is the most important since the bag would be much better with it than a typical lunch box.

The foam layer prevents heat from leaking into the outer layer and the bag’s contents from being affected by the temperature outside. When filled with heated items, our lunch bags will not warm up on the outside since the heat is kept from escaping into the surroundings.

You can use a cooler bag to keep the food warm or cold. Your food will stay hot for a long time, thanks to the same insulation that traps heat inside. However, you must be cautious while keeping food hot in a cooler bag so that it doesn’t merely stay hot and turn into an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Why  Should you Get in Touch with Us?

As OEM-insulated thermal lunch bag manufacturers offering higher-quality goods, we can significantly reduce your purchase expenses. More importantly, we may alter the product to meet your needs or specifications.

With over a decade of expertise as a cooler bag supplier, Cxgiae can better assist you because of our understanding of regional markets.

If you require our services, kindly inform us of the required products, the number of purchases, and any other relevant information. We will then use this information to produce an accurate price and product recommendation.

Features of the OEM Thermal Food Bag

Extra Large Size

The large insulated bags make it great for grocery shopping and food delivery. It has three layers of insulation- high-quality aluminum foil, thickening thermal insulation foam, and high-density fabric, making the performance outstanding.

The insulated bags can support the weight of food and drinks without undermining performance. It easily holds 40 cans or 7.8 gallons. This large capacity can accommodate numerous orders while delivering food.

It can also carry a lot of groceries while grocery shopping or at a farmers market,  or transport a lot of food for picnics, camping, catering, beach days, tailgating, or parties.

Sturdy Zipper

Most insulated lunch bags are portable and have handles or straps for busy people on the go. The insulated bags have two durable zippers. Nothing will spill out. Zippers can be used repeatedly, guaranteeing the product’s long life span.


The OEM lunch bag can be customized to suit your business needs. We can produce the bags in a variety of colors and include your company logo or text. This can benefit your business by increasing brand visibility and awareness.


It serves as a practical shopping bag, an ideal storage for hot food, sturdy thermos containers, an insulated delivery bag, and a reusable shopping bag that collapses in the heat.

Triple-layer thermal insulation fabric design insulates food to keep it warm, cool, and fresh. Excellent for fruit, frozen goods, and even hot foods. It can be substituted with your standard cooler.


It is made from high-quality and sustainable materials maximizing the usage of post-consumer material and preventing plastic from ending up in oceans, lakes, and landfills. You can keep your bag handy in your kitchen or trunk to contribute to environmental preservation and the development of a cleaner environment.


This lunch bag is made of a durable, high-quality, non-woven fabric designed to last. It has a solid and durable construction to support the weight of your food with ease. The handles feature three layers, stitched crosswise, and reinforced to wrap around the bag for strong loading without splitting or breaking. Items are prevented from slipping out with a strengthened, two-tab, smooth sliding, and zippered lid. You can easily wipe it to keep it clean and free from food particles.


Flexible Fabric sides can accept goods of all shapes and sizes. It folds flat and collapses for future usage and convenient storage in your kitchen, trunk, or underneath your car seat.

Preserves the Temperature for Your Meal

The most frequent problem is maintaining the right temperature for food. Customers may worry that their prepared meals may be cold and hard after some time. There are no refrigerators or microwaves in some workplaces or educational institutions. It can be helpful to have an insulated lunch pack. Your food stays hot or chilled, and fresh all day long.

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